This time we are re-launching our nutrient rich liver treats! Try them out!!

Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Organic Paws. Natural & Healthy, The Best Dog Food!

Green Dog Tiffany unites green dogs everywhere.

Every little step towards an organic natural lifestyle for your dog helps!

Try organic dog food, use only natural grooming products, play with non toxic toys, control fleas and ticks and other insects with natural, organic oils and powders..... please, use compostable poopy bags..... and spread a smile whenever you can!

At Dogs For The Earth Organic Dog Food and Treats we care about our environment, our footprint on our planet, and our dogs. It's a lifestyle, a passion and a dedication.

Meet Tiffy

Can't do it all? Hey, just try one thing. Don't know where to start? Click on Tiffy's photos bellow, she'll help you make it easy! If everyone just makes even one small change, it'll make a big difference!  HELP SAVE THE EARTH. Click on below to find out how you and your dog can help!

 Tiffy tongue out 



"If it is not Organic Food, spit it out!"






Tiffy Shampoo
















  "Why Use Only Natural Organic Grooming Products?"







Tiffy Toys 



"If Its Not Earth Friendly, Don't Play with it!"




Tiffy Fertilizers 


"Why Use Organic & Earth Friendly Pesticides & Fertilizer?"






Tiffy Poopy Bags 


"Why Use Biodegradable Poopy Bags?"







Tiffy Positive Reinforcement 


"Use Only Positive Reinforcement Behavior Modification!"




Dogs For The Earth makes 100% Organic Dog Food - flash frozen or slowly dehydrated - always made with Human Grade Ingredients!  Natural Wellness Products include Aromatherapy, Flea Control, Plaque Off Dental Care, and much more.

Can we help you make the Earth better making your dog better? Drop us a line or visit us here!

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