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Dogs For The Earth - 100% organic dehydrated dog food made with people grade ingredients - The Best Dog Food

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    I Love My Dogs and I Love You Guys For Making A Difference   I am so thankful to You for making this food for our dogs and for being there for us! Dior is really doing much better. Now it's 2 w...
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    Dirty Little Yorkie Looks :) I just put in my order for treats. The girls are completely out. I wrote myself a note that they were running low on treats and forgot ...
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    Dog Food Better Than Rotisserie Chicken! My little chihuahua mix, Punky Chewster, is the PICKIEST of eaters. She's almost one year old and I've never found a dog food she likes ...
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    What Would Have Happened IF We Hadn't Found Organic Dehydrated Food? Mr. Big Our dog, Mr. Big, eats your food everyday. We love how you put his name on the box and when it arrives he gets very excited. Tha...
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    My Organic dog food is grain free dog food! Every time I need food, it's easy. We go on Dogs For The Earth WEBsite and order my favorite Dehydrated Organic Dog Food.It comes right...

If your dog...

• Is a picky eater
• Has itchy skin
• Is overweight
• Has tear stains
• Needs low glycemic nutrition

Try Dogs For The Earth!
- The Best Dog Food -

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What's in the Best Dog Food?

Pure, clean, nutritious, organic ingredients packed with anti-oxidants. Here are the Dogs For The Earth Commandments:

  • Non-GMO dog food and treats
  • 100% Organic food and treats
  • Dehydrated, to preserve its nutritional value
  • Formulated for a dog's needs
  • No bulk fillers (no grains, corn, or soy)
  • No preservatives
  • No added carbs or starch
  • No sprayed on vitamins
  • No chemicals