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Dogs For The Earth - 100% organic dehydrated dog food made with human grade ingredients - The Best Organic Dog Food

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    Baby, the most faithful companion ever known, loves Dogs For the Earth Hello!  I just wanted to take the time out to say THANK YOU!  I am absolutely delighted with your Dog Food...I've been slowly adding it...
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    Organic Dog Food Holistic Vet Recommended We love the Dogs for the Earth products!  Not only do we feed it to our personal dogs, but we recommend it to every client that we can. ...
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    Tiny Muffin's Review of Dogs For The Earth Dog Food Muffin is only 5 month old but already has an opinion about Dogs For The Earth Dog Food. "My Muffin enjoys your food so much she would b...
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    We've Made The TOP 100 Dog Food Blogs on the Planet! You are sure to find lots of important information in our Blogs. Have your read them yet? Use our search to find what you're looking for...
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    Dogs For The Earth food is super palatable and nutritious! Dr. Pat Campbell and "Right Arm" Beata by the Westbridge Veterinary Mobile Clinic "We all know that we are what we eat, of course, the s...

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What is the Best Dog Food?

100% Organic - if its not 100% Organic - it's not really Organic, is it?

  • Human Grade Ingredients
  • Air Dried - Dehydrated
  • Zero Additives - Zero Processing
  • Made in USA/ GRAIN Free/ No GMO's
  • USDA Registered FDA Licensed
  • Eco Friendly Packaging
  • Woman Owned - Made With Love
  • Supporting Ethical & Sustainable Farmers & Ranchers
  • Ketogenic