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Dogs For The Earth - 100% organic dehydrated dog food made with people grade ingredients - The Best Dog Food

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    My Organic dog food is grain free dog food! Every time I need food, it's easy. We go on Dogs For The Earth WEBsite and order my favorite Dehydrated Organic Dog Food.It comes right...
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    "We want Organic!" When Lilly, Tommy & Noah say, "We want Organic!" Mom listens. 7 Large bags a week for 3 little Chins. Adorable!
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    The Fabulous Cody, Cooper & Bailey B "The Boyz are doing very well on your food  Cooper & Cody have lost a bit of weight and they all have more energy! We love your food...
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    Maizey and Thunder LOVE your treats! "They go nuts every time someone picks up a bag  They liked every different kind, too  So cool to know there isn't any crap in them eith...
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    Berger and Joy Joy, an almost-three-year-old Chocolate Lab, and Berger, a seven-year-old Peke-a-Poo both struggled with itchy allergies. Berger is very...

If your dog...

• Is a picky eater
• Has itchy skin
• Is overweight
• Has tear stains
• Needs low glycemic nutrition

Try Dogs For The Earth!
- The Best Dog Food -

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What's in the Best Dog Food?

Pure, clean, nutritious, organic ingredients packed with anti-oxidants. Here are the Dogs For The Earth Commandments:

  • Non-GMO dog food and treats
  • 100% Organic food and treats
  • Dehydrated, to preserve its nutritional value
  • Formulated for a dog's needs
  • No bulk fillers (no grains, corn, or soy)
  • No preservatives
  • No added carbs or starch
  • No sprayed on vitamins
  • No chemicals