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If it's not Earth Friendly, don't play with it!

If it's not Earth Friendly, don't play with it! - Small white dog playing with stick - Dogs For The Earth

Be Safe!

"If you need a chemistry degree to understand the ingredients in the toy, don't put it in your mouth. I like Eco Friendly Dog Toys that use plant dyes and cotton, Max, my big friend likes Recyclable Zogoflex toys", says Tiffy proudly!

 Tiffy Play

In our shop on Longboat Key FL, we offer West Paw Design toys. Eco Friendly Dog Toys including Zogoflex and Fabric Toys utilizing fabric and stuffing made from recycled soda pop bottles. They are all handmade, right here in USA, and dogs love 'em!   At West Paw Design they say, "From the mouth of soda pop consumers to the mouth of your dog...these products live on!" 

Be Safe!

Realizing how sensitive a dog's sense of smell and taste are, it's no wonder, when given the choice all the dogs prefer eco friendly toys.  We can't tell you, "Hey, this tastes like chemicals!" or "Yuck! What a horrible aftertaste!" Or ask you, "Hey! How dangerous is this stuff from China?" But all of us immediately know the difference.  All of us want West Paw Designs!

Join the Loop - West Paw Design recycles their own toys back into more toys with their closed Loop Recycling Program.

At Dogs For The Earth Organic Dog Food and Treats we care about our environment, our footprint on our planet, and our dogs. It's a lifestyle, a passion and a dedication.  Thanks for helping us!



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