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Magical Water - Elixir of Life -7 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Water

Posted on August 26, 2017

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Water is one of the most fundamental aspects of Life.

Every part of your dog’s body, from their skin to their brain, relies on ample hydration to function. Every physiological function and organ depends, at some level, on water.

Think of it this way, you and your dog can survive quite a while without food, but only a few days without water.

Your dog's body, your body and Mother Earth's body are all just about 70% water. 

7 Health Benefits Your Dog Gets From Drinking Water

Fresh water flows in .... toxins flow out.


1. Increases Energy

Water improves the entire body’s ability to deliver energy providing oxygen. Water refreshes tired muscles by removing waste, toxins and transporting nutrients. Water enables your dog’s muscles to work harder and longer before they feel tired, this can help build muscle.

2. Drinking Water Makes Your Dog Smarter

Water can increase your dog’s cognitive function. Brains require oxygen to function at optimum levels. Plenty of water ensures that your dog’s brain gets all the oxygen it needs.

3. Better Food Digestion

Digestion is most efficient and nutrients are absorbed more effectively with water. Water helps to break down food, flush waste from the intestines and can help relieve constipation.

4. Healthy Organs

All organs need water to function at their best. Water also keeps the blood from thickening and in return helps the heart function at its peak.

5. Strong Muscles

Muscles are composed primarily of water. Water carries oxygen to the cells of your dog’s body, including those of your muscles. Water removes wastes from and transports nutrients to the muscle cells.

6. Nerve Function

Drinking plenty of water also supports nerve function. It ensures that your body's electrolyte levels remain high enough to allow your nerves to relay messages to and from the brain in the way they were meant to.

7. Supple Joints

Water helps keep joints strong, healthy and lubricated. Joints need moisture to remain strong and flexible, so that your dog’s movements are smooth and pain free.

Water Quality Makes a BIG Difference

In a perfect world, all of us would be drinking natural spring water straight from mineral rich Mother Earth.

Did you know, given a choice between regular tap water and spring water any animal will always choose spring water? Wow, right?

All body parts require water to survive but will thrive on fresh, high-quality water.

If you can't give your dog fresh spring water to drink and rehydrate their food, choose the highest quality water you can get.

4 Tips For Healthy Water Intake

  1. Avoid chlorine and fluoride treated water that will stress organs.
  2. Filter tap water with an appropriate filter for your area.
  3. Be proactive in monitoring intake, always avoid puddles, pools and public watering bowls.
  4. Clean water bowl daily (optimum is twice daily) to avoid bacteria and scum that unnecessarily stress your dog’s system.

Some dogs don't drink enough water and that's a scary scenario.  A dog’s body must have clean water to eliminate toxins that lead to deadly disease.

4 Tips to get your dog to drink more water:

  1. Try FRESH Spring water
  2. Try different size and shape bowl. Some dogs don't like to get their muzzle fur wet.
  3. Try soaking a treat.  Place a small treat piece in water that just covers the treat. Allow the treat to rehydrate partially.  Let your dog have a small bite as an incentive. Make it a game.  If your dog really wants the treat, the water will have to be drunk, first.  Do this for all treats.
  4. Make a soup.  Use our food or treats to make a sort of “soup” stir in HOT water to cover and really mush it into a thick soupy meal.
When a dog is getting enough healthy water their urine is pale and clear rather than bright or dark yellow and/or cloudy. 

Hope this helps you and your dog drink more fresh spring water!

The importance of water is one of the reasons we choose to DEHYDRATE our food. Every day you add fresh, clean, spring water to your dog’s healthy organic, processed free diet.

👀Your proactive interest in your dogs water quality & consumption helps monitor the health of things you can't see.

👉When you ensure organic food - nutrient rich & toxic free - enters your dogs system with fresh, clean spring water - every meal detoxifies naturally.

Our mission and passion is making the healthiest life source for your dog.

You can find comfort and peace in your choice, knowing no corners are cut, no detail is overlooked and we are providing 100% Organic Human Quality nutrition in every biscuit. 

10 Biscuits in EVERY BAG. 

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