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My dog is itchy and it's driving me crazy!

Small pug laying on the ground, looking at the camera.
Small pug laying on the ground, looking at the camera.

There are 2 possible causes of Itchy, scratchy, licky skin issues.

1. External Environmental Factors 
2. Internal Nutritional & Dietary Factors

Combination of Both

Image of small dogs with arrows that point to "Symptoms of Yeast Imbalance"
Image of small dogs with arrows that point to "Symptoms of Yeast Imbalance"

Yeast requires a warm, moist environment to grow.


Rusty tears, stains, and discharge 


Inflamed, waxy discharge, rusty color, odor, scratching ears often. Looks dark or dirty.  


Healthy dogs do not have a doggy smell. If your smells stinky, even after a bath, Yeast might be your beast! 


Yeast likes moist, warm areas and it can look like dirty skin: check under arms and under legs and inside ears. Yeast can drive dogs crazy with itchy areas and the more they scratch the more it itches. They might have bald spots with a very distinctive odor, often with oily skin and fur. 


Rusty stains, loss of hair, blackened skin, itchy and rubbing face on surfaces and/ or with feet.  


Rusty color. Yeast has a distinctive smell; like moldy bread, cheese, or corn chips (we call it "tortilla feet"). Constant licking and or biting on feet. Dogs will lick and chew on their itchy feet. 

Small white dog in sunset.
Small white dog in sunset.

The Simple Fact:  Yeast imbalance is a fungi imbalance that originates in the microbiome of your dog's gastrointestinal system. The fungi feeds on sugars and uses them as an energy source. The fungi also requires a warm moist place to grow. That is why you often find it in a dog's ears, between their toes, in their groin area and under arms. 

The most important aspect of addressing chronic yeast is through diet. Regardless of the root cause of the yeast imbalance, nutrition is the most important and first step in treating it.

Small dog licking the stem of a pumpkin.
Small dog licking the stem of a pumpkin.

Dogs For The Earth "Chelsea's Blend Low Sugar" formula is a special blend of organic, low glycemic essential nutrition. Chelsea's Blend specifically addresses yeast and itchy skin problems. It’s not a magic pill. It’s a streamlined food with zero unnecessary ingredients that will help balance the flora in your dog’s system.  So relief comes gradually and naturally.   OUR #1 INGREDIENT IS PURE MUSCLE MEAT - 100% Pasture Raised from Sustainable Farms like all our ingredients.  

With proper nutrition and a good probiotic, your dog’s yeast levels can stay balanced.  Did you know 80% of a dog's immune system lives in their gut? WOW! Your dog's digestive system, like our own, is home to billions of bacteria that promote healthy digestion.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help support your dog's gut and digestive health.  

Small dog getting a bath.
Small dog getting a bath.

It's important to remember that your dog might possibly still try to lick and scratch the areas that itch. Organic, food grade ingredients are important. Common aids include: Organic, white distilled vinegar, Organic hydrogen peroxide - food grade, Organic witch hazel, Organic lemon, Organic peppermint essential oil. 

Anti fungal rinses should not be used on your dogs head or near your dogs eyes.
Anti-Fungal Rinse and Dip - adjust this for your particular dog... full strength for heavier skins and rampant yeast, less for delicate skins. Recipe: 1 gallon of water, 1 cup of organic white vinegar OR organic lemon juice OR organic hydrogen peroxide and about 20 drops or less of peppermint oil. Rinse: After an anti-fungal bath (tea tree oil - not oatmeal) use this recipe as an overall body rinse. Let stand on your dog then dry. completely.   Dip: Dip your dogs feet as often as once a day. Saturate a cotton ball and drench armpits, groin creases, butt area...any place, except eyes, ears & mouth that itches.  Be sure to pat completely dry. Ears: Dip a cotton ball in organic witch hazel and wipe ears clean. continue until cotton ball comes clean. 

RUSTY TEAR STAINS: If your dog's ONLY Symptom are rusty tear stains, this alone may not be a Yeast Imbalance and rather toxic discharge from impurities in their diet.  

EYES: Learn more about Tear Stains.

Small dog in a field with flowers, looking off into the horizon.
Small dog in a field with flowers, looking off into the horizon.


Our dog food and dog treats are handmade with unadulterated and organic human-grade ingredients. They are air dried / dehydrated and contain zero additives. 


All of our ingredients are from sustainable and humane farmers and ranchers. Our products grown without GMO's or harmful chemicals.


by hand in our own custom built restaurant quality facility. USDA registered, FDA licensed and sold in eco-friendly packaging.  


We made the list of "MOST TRUSTED DOG FOOD 2021" by Truth About Pet Food. 

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