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Organic Dog Food Benefits

introductory offer - dogs for the earth - organic dehydrated dog food

100% Organic Dehydrated Dog Food made with Human Grade Ingredients 

Are you looking for the best dog food?

organic dog food - dogs for the earth -

100% Organic Dehydrated Dog Food helps dogs on many levels.

I need the best dog food for my dog

I need to know how to remove tear stains 

I need the best dog food for food allergies

I need the best dog food for skin allergies

I need the best dog food for a picky eater

I need help, my dog won't eat

Our mission is to make the best dog food, the healthiest organic dog food.

 Turns out, that's all most dogs need!

 Dogs For The Earth 100% Organic Ingredients

Thinking about it logically, of course the health of dogs improve with optimum food quality. 
You can't have good health without good nutrition and you can't have good nutrition without healthy ingredients. 
Given an opportunity of a nutritious, Organic, Dehydrated diet; toxins in your dog are gradually replaced with clean nutrition.
 Improvements are rapid and obvious.


 Quality Costs More, why invest?


Dogs are family.  

They depend on us.

We are their their teachers, their family, their friends.

We are their life source for nourishment and protection. 

Our dogs deserve the best we can give them.

The quality of their food makes a difference.

If you've been looking for the best dog food, if you've been frustrated by industrial ingredients lists that are difficult to understand try our Ultimate Sample. 

You'll see rapid health &vitality improvements in your dog!

try dogs for the earth ultimate sampler



dogs are family - dogs for the earth - organic dog food

When we talk about pure, clean food we mean food absent of pesticides and chemicals, of course, but also toxic residues from processing. 


If you can't buy EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT in your dog's food from the farmer's market, it's Buyer BEWARE!    ...but you already knew that, didn't you?

If it's not 100% Organic, it's not really Organic, is it?


No Kibble for healthy dogs


4 reasons dogs have serious reactions to industrial grade, manufactured dog food 

  • Poor quality of initial ingredients
  • Toxins developed through processing the ingredients into kibble & canned food 
  • Additives used to "Fortify" the poor ingredients to meet standards. Such as Synthetic vitamins, minerals, etc. Did you know most multivitamin supplements added to "fortify" dog food are synthetic and come from China? Yep!
  • Chemical preservatives. 

Did you know? Often skin and food allergies are a result of reactions to toxins created in processing the ingredients into kibble and/canned food.


Because most dogs have not been offered a steady, balanced diet of pure, organic, people quality food, void of toxins, synthetics and chemicals these symptoms have been treated as isolated health issues without regard to nourishment.  

Be careful some prescription diets can increase symptoms.

When creams, steroids, special shampoos have not provided a permanent, healthy symptom free dog, always consider nutrition.

TOXINS. When your dog's food contains only pure, clean, organic, people quality ingredients, your dog's system isn't weakened fighting off synthetics, chemicals, additives and toxins.

Learn about our human grade ingredients. Why we use them and what exactly each one provides for your dog.

the best dog food ingredients- dogs for the earth - organic human grade dog food

Dogs For The Earth Organic Dog Food Symbols of Excellence

Break the cycle and join the dog food revolution.
Start feeding your dog with Human Grade Ingredients like they deserve.
Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Dog Food and Treats, then watch their lives improve!