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Organic Dog Food Benefits

dogs for the earth organic food is beautiful and pure

On The List 2020 of Most Trusted Dog Food in USA

Dog Food does not have to be complicated.

Every ingredient has an impact on your dog.

1.You can't have good health without good nutrition
2. You can't have good nutrition without healthy ingredients. 


Fact: When your dog's food contains only pure, clean, organic, human quality ingredients all of your dog's energy goes towards growth and rejuvenation, rather than purging toxins and their harmful effects. 

 Improvements are rapid and obvious 

Itchy skin, scratchy, licky all the time skin causes and solutions. More about itchy skin


Tear Stains that are rusty in color are symptoms of excess liver toxins. Modern science has proven when toxins are removed, stains are eliminated. More About Tear Stains 


Dogs with allergies have 2 possible sources: Nutritional or Environmental or a combination of both. This is about nutritional allergies, specifically, how certain foods can cause reactions in your dog. ....more about modern food allergens)

Picky Eaters - Dogs who can easily smell the difference between their food and yours…and want yours. Often, they have an acute sense of smell and a strong personality! The science that will help  


Energy, vitality and general overall quality of life improve with optimum nutrition and antioxidants. No dangerous toxic bio-accumulation to compromise immune efficiency.  


Take 90 seconds to watch The Earth explain.  


 Plain Talk about Health

Prevention and Recovery are key to fortify against allergies, illness & disease.

All disease can be traced back to the "the good bacteria" in the gut, microbiome, which keeps out "bad bacteria."

Our Ketogenic Lifestyle (Protein+) & Ketogenic Low Sugar recipes create the perfect condition for healthy microbiome to enhance vibrant well being.

 When we talk about pure, clean food we mean food absent of pesticides and chemicals, of course, but also toxic residues from processing. 




Avoid Industrial Jargon 

If you don't recognize EVERY SINGLE item in your dog's food as something you could buy from a grocery store, than the *ingredient probably isn't food at all!

*If you see something you don't recognize, It's probably a chemical, synthetic modifier, industrial food substitute, processing toxin or too many others to mention that are common additives and may be a proven dangerous toxin.





    100% Organic Dehydrated Dog Food made with human grade ingredients helps eliminate tear stains, stop allergies, improve yeast imbalance and invigorate well being.





    I need to know how to remove tear stains 

    I need the best dog food for food allergies

    I need the best dog food for itchy skin and yeast imbalance

    I need the best dog food for a picky eater

    I need help, my dog won't eat

     Learn More about common ingredients that lead to health compromising complications  

    Would you like to know the EXACT ingredients in our food?

    Is your dog yeasty? Read more about itchy skin, feet & ears ...

    Dogs For The Earth Organic Dog Food Symbols of Excellence


    Holistic Veterinarian Approved

    Some people misunderstand why organic ingredients are important.

    It’s not as though your dog will eat a couple pieces of chemical preservative and die. The dangers of all synthetic and chemical additives are bio accumulative.

    For instance, you can run through a field of sunflowers sprayed with insecticide and not start itching and scratching and coughing and die: but the guy spraying it repeatedly everyday needs protective clothing and a mask because repeated exposure IS harmful.

    That’s the point with all these artificial ingredients and that’s why so many advocates warn against them. So a product uses a tiny amount of, say, synthetic vitamins or chemical preservatives and gets government approval because on their own, eaten in limited quantities, they are not deadly. Now multiply that by all the products eaten, all the chemicals and synthetics throughout a lifetime … eventually your body and your dog’s body will have accumulated too many dangerous chemicals with compromising side effects.

    That’s the problem with introducing chemicals into our bodies, they don’t simply, immediately wash out like regular food, they remain, in part, locked into other cells. Like an insecticide is created to stay on and in the insect until and after death. The small amount of residue remaining on the apple we eat stays in our bodies.

    Eventually, over time, more and more toxins are eaten and all the chemicals bioaccumulate to such a degree, our body has difficulty performing daily tasks: organs cannot cleanse themselves, cells cannot repair themselves, livers get diseased, kidneys fail, hearts stop. This is why people advocate for pure organic food, so you and your dog avoid all those life shortening, health compromising chemicals, additives and synthetics. It’s a science.

    Modern Science is saving our dogs because now we know the difference.