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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Why Use Only Natural Organic Grooming Products?

Dog taking a bath full of Dogs For The Earth Organic Grooming Products

"Use  Natural Organic Grooming Products! 


Itchy skin, biting & licking feet & skin, thinning hair, rashes, red bumps and more can be caused by using shampoo & conditioners with harsh chemicals.

Recent testing with products using the above agents are showing they help to increase health problems not only in pets but also in humans. Common sense tells us pets are smaller than humans -with smaller organs - making it much more difficult for them to eliminate toxins.

Without these chemicals, your pets will itch less, be softer to cuddle and they will certainly smell better.  I'm told I smell like flowers and sunshine!

Best of all it is easier to rinse out shampoo if there are no chemical foaming agents, so for those like me who aren't fond of taking baths, this is great news!"... Try Dogs For The Earth organic aromatherapy products, because... we are worth it!     


Tiffy Bubbles

Discover our Dogs For The Earth great natural products: Go Natural Flea Control and Aromatherapy, you and your dog will be very happy with this choice.

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