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"Use only Organic & Earth Friendly Pesticides & Fertilizer!"

Use only organic and earth friendly pesticides and fertilizers - blog Dogs For The Earth - yorkie playing with ball in garden

Most Organic Pesticides are derived from botanical plant oils.  Plant oils are the natural defenses that plants and trees use for their own self protection against insects.

By ensuring your pet's garden or walkway is free of toxic, chemical pesticides & fertilizers you reduce the impact of impurities in their bodies and in the Earth in general.

Toxic Chemicals Grass

If you and your dog are adventurous and walk & play in new parks and neighborhoods, it's important to wipe down your dog when returning home. Unless you can verify that no toxins have been used in fertilizers and insecticides, that fun loving romp could be filled with hidden dangers.  

Try grabbing a bundle of washcloths at a discount shop and use a clean one after each walk then toss it in the laundry. Or try a box of natural biodegradable wipes or like us just pick up your little Yorkie and put her in a sink with a couple inches of water.  "They wipe my face off first - all that sniffing around, everyday, in thick lush lawns - over a lifetime result in a high intake of chemicals. They do everything they can to allow me to enjoy outdoor activity and remove toxins as soon as possible."

Research has proven the detrimental effects of chemical fertilizers and insecticides have on the nervous and immune systems and dogs need help and does our Mother Earth.

Love Tiffy

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