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About us

Dogs For The Earth Fresh Farm Organic Dog Food

Providing your dog children with the highest quality food will always be our commitment.

We hope you find comfort in the oasis of our healthy food and security in our dedication to quality and well being of your family.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us:  or Call: 941-777-5544

Wishing you many more years of shared love and companionship with your 4 legged family and ours.


Kathy, Annie & Tiffy, too!


We are a different kind of dog food company because everything we do represents what we want to see in the world.

Our priority is to provide the finest nutrition for all dogs.  Every ingredient is good enough for people to eat but our recipe is created for dogs. We don't settle for cheaper quality or sub standard because we are feeding our faithful companions, the true loves of our lives, our family. And our dogs deserve a fair chance at a healthy long life.

We work with sustainable, humane and ethical ORGANIC USA farmers and ranchers who prioritize the welfare of their animals above profit. Every animal is raised in sanitary and comfortable conditions where they are able to live happy healthy lives.

Dogs For The earth Sustainable Ethical Ingredients

Even so, we are not a dog food for everyone. We're an exception but not a luxury. We're fine quality but not only for special occasions. We are Ethical, Sustainable, Nutritious, Organic, Dehydrated dog food and treats. 

We are a Woman Owned and USDA Licensed, FDA Registered and Inspected Company. 

We are for the discerning. For those who love their dogs deeply and recognize they are responsible for their life source.  For those who love our planet and understand that every dollar we spend represents a vote for the type of world we wish create.

We are for those who choose to make a difference. Who choose principals over convenience and love over money. We are for the future. Our dogs' future and our planets'. 

We're not for everyone, but we hope we are for you.

No tricky words or industrial jargon in our ingredients: Read why we use what we use here The Best Dog Food

Happy dogs running and jumping on a green field - Dogs For The Earth

So, maybe you’re asking yourself, “Hey self, who are Dogs for the Earth and what exactly do they do?”

At Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Dog Food we are an eco-friendly, pet friendly, planet friendly, Organic, Dehydrated, All Natural, No Grain, No Corn, No Soy, No Junk, GMO Free, made in USA, all good stuff inside Dog Food makers. Wow!! That’s a lot of goodness. Did I mention we use 100% Organic ingredients only! If we can’t get Organic, then we substitute something that is Organic without compromising the nutritional value. We would NEVER give anything to your dog that we wouldn’t give to our own.

Speaking of dogs, let’s start there with our top notch number one organic dog food eater of all times, Tiffany. Sometimes, we call her Tiffy or Tifferiffic or Tiffilicious or just T. The list of nicknames is long and cute just like I’m sure you have for your peanut. See, there’s another one. She’s a typical Yorkie. Tenacious, a little stubborn, full of energy, quite the comedian, large and in charge, head of security, head of quality control in our production kitchen, sweet, loves cats, will work for food, OK, will do just about anything for food, but when she came to us from her family in Michigan that didn’t have what they needed to take proper care of her, she weighed almost 14 lbs. She was 2 Yorkies rolled in to one.

Tiffy in blue background

This is where I come in. I’m Kathy and lucky enough to have Tiffy in my life. I’ve worked with animals pretty much since the beginning. Starting at age 12, I became a junior zookeeper and haven’t stopped since. I have a Master’s Degree in Animal sciences, focusing mainly on nutrition. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great scientists and our food is based 100% on the science of nutrition. Of course, as the rest of the crew will tell you, I do have strong opinions, but when it comes to the food, I’m all science. I choose for myself and my family the organic natural way. Check out our The Best Dog Food page and you’ll see why I chose what I chose. Here’s some things I’ll compromise on: Sandals instead of flip flops, drama instead of comedy, wine instead of champagne, but I give you my heartfelt promise that I will never compromise on the health of Tiffy or your dog. We use organic certified meats from sustainable, humane and ethical farms and ALL our fruits, veggies, herbs and supplements are 100% Organic, 100% of the time.

So, back to Tiffy. She is now an extremely healthy feisty little senior Yorkie. We were able to get her to her ideal weight. When she has her wellness check-ups, everything comes out perfect. Yes, she loves to eat, but we only use lean meats, so weight gain is not an issue with her.

Meet the Crew - Kathy and Tiffy

We also share our life with Annie. I know that you are loving our website and all the fabulous photos, wonderful pages and graphics that are so much fun to look at. That comes from her art background and like me, an abundance of education; Master Degree in both Fine Art and a Philosophy with a Bachelors in Commercial/Graphic Arts....and many more degrees too numerous to mention!  Not only is she a terrific multi-media artist & painter, she’s the best when it comes to photography and I think you’ll notice by our website and social media that yes, Tiffy is her favorite subject and they love each other over the moon. Is she organic? You bet. She’s also extremely knowledgeable about dogs and the nutrition needed to keep them healthy. She helps the planet by making great earth-friendly art using repurposed materials. She also works with like minded artists to help raise money for different rescue organizations and other great charities.

Knowing we feed the "true love" of many families, that we provide the life source for "faithful companions," that we make the food for the "most loved family member" is a responsibility and honor we take very seriously.

We don't cut corners. Period. We go home every night knowing we don't just make healthy dog food, we make dogs healthy. 

It's our passion, our dedication and a great source of happiness to know that everyday we are having a positive impact and making a heartfelt difference.

 How better to do that than with sustainable farmers and humane conditions, eco friendly packaging and recyclable materials? We support those who support planet earth.

We work hard to achieve all of our dreams in this one challenge, Dogs For The Earth.  It's a passion, a dedication and a great source of happiness to know in some way, everyday, we are having a positive impact and making a heart felt difference. 

All that happens, thanks to you!

Thanks for your support and thanks for your trust. We are very grateful you are choosing us  We want to thank all the people that have believed in us from the beginning and all those who have sent us their opinions and reviews of our organic dog food.


Dogs For The Earth Organic Dog Food Symbols of Excellence