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Feeding Guidelines

Dogs of all walks of life - Feeding Guidelines for Dogs For The Earth

Feeding guidelines are very general suggestions.

Actual quantities depend on the overall health of your dog, age and level of activity.

We suggest, to start:  Feed the same quantity of our food, as you have been with their old food.

If your dog is a 2 year old athlete or a 15 year old couch potato, feeding requirements will be different, even if both dogs weigh 20 pounds.

When dogs discover the taste our food and feel the effects of our nutrition, usually they want to eat more. They love it!  This doesn't necessarily mean they need more. You'll notice their bodies absorb most of the ingredients and they eventually eliminate less waste - that's good !

Add small amounts to their food for a few days

We suggest you start feeding the same quantity you usually did of your previous food. In any case, here are some rules of thumb for your peace of mind:

If your dog weighs:
Less than 10 lbs, feed 1/2 Large Biscuit 2 x day
11-20 lbs, feed 1 Large Biscuit 2 x day
21-30 lbs, feed 2 Large Biscuits 2 x day


How many calories in our food?

Here it is, you will also find detailed and analysis information in every product.
Beef: 316 / cup
Lamb: 321 / cup
Turkey: 312 / cup
Chicken: 312 / cup

How to prepare organic dehydrated dog food by Dogs For The Earth with Tiffy

How do you make it?

Organic Dehydrated Dog Food_Dogs For The Earth_How to Make

Simple, we have done all the work for you.

Every biscuit is perfectly and nutritionally balanced to meet your dogs needs, so there is no guessing on your part. Here is all you have to do:
Crumble Biscuit
Add Hot Water *
Wait 15 Minutes

*No! Not boiling water - it will kill valuable enzymes & nutrients!

How much water you may want to know? It's no secret!

You will also find instructions in every package, but since you want to know:
Add 1/2 cup hot water. When you crumble the biscuit - just cover it with water. Make sure the biscuit is soft & juicy when you serve.

How to prepare our Organic Dehydrated Dog Food at Dogs For The Earth


Dogs For The Earth 100% organic dog food can be prepared in large batches up to 4 days ahead of time and stored in your refrigerator until ready to serve, just rehydrate following the instructions!

In every bag you will always find the same amount, we have calculated everything for you:
The Large Bag = Ten (10) 1/2 cup Biscuits

 Why is Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Dog Food good for:

1- Picky Eaters:

Pure, Clean Organic Dehydrated Dog Food ingredients taste better. Processing alters the taste, cell structure, nutritional value and produces toxins.  If you have a dog who would rather eat rotisserie chicken but are worried about nutritional health - you have found what your dog has been looking for.  Now you can relax knowing not only is your dog getting all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids & proteins but also NOT getting processed food, chemical additives, fillers and added bulk. (By the way, go easy on that rotisserie chicken - most have too much added salt among other things and could be very harmful to your dogs heart.)

2- Itchy Skin:

Itchy skin is either caused from external environmental factors or internal nutritional & dietary factors (sometimes both!) If your dog has itchy skin year round, regardless of the weather or pollen count, chances are the problem is coming from food. Many dogs have allergies to steroids and preservatives found in conventional chicken & meat products used in allergy testing & commercial dog food.    Also, bulk fillers: such as grain, corn and soy and processing such as that used in kibble can cause allergic reactions.

If your dog has itchy skin try feeding our pure, clean, organic food that is not processed. Organic meat is clean & pure of allergens. Dehydration is a pure preservative. The benefits can usually be seen after only 1 week and most symptoms ease within a month and completely disappear within 2 to 3 months.

Try "Chelsea's Blend Low Sugar" organic dog food, this is a special low sugar formula that is 100% organic essential nutrition that specifically addresses yeast and itchy skin problems.  It’s not a magic pill.  It’s a streamlined food with zero unnecessary ingredients that will help balance the flora in your dog’s system.  So relief comes gradually and naturally. A good choice for dogs with low sugar tolerance.

If your dog is experiencing itchy ears with rust colored discharge and or itchy feet with rust discoloration please contact our nutritionist for advice. Please Help with my Itchy Dog email us or send us a note.

3- Tear Stains:

Maltese, Poodles, Shih-Tzu, King Cavalier are just a few breeds prone to tear stains.  Did you know improper nutrition can cause stains?  If you have been fighting those nasty embarrassing stains with topical creams and drops that do not stop the source of the stains; you've found a solution.  Secretions of dietary impurities often show up thru tear staining. Try giving your dog a pure, organic diet - without commercially processed foods or treats - allow their system to detox and purify itself.  Give it enough time for all their internal organs to cleanse and eliminate years of built up impurities.  Week by week, month by month you'll notice the difference.  Depending on the level of toxins, you'll soon see bright, clear eyes with no staining.  Isn't it wonderful?

4- Overweight Dogs:

Lean organic meats without grains or starch or added carbs are essential when feeding overweight dogs. This is a good food for overweight dogs, like our organic dehydrated treats are, it helps your dietary pursuits because it’s made from the leanest beef and fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. 

At Dogs For The Earth, we know all about the fun and joy of handing a treat to your companion.  We know some dogs measure love by how many snacks they get and how others, with just one look, can tell you they are starving, haven’t eaten in 3 weeks and may not make it through the hour without just one more bite.  We have one of those dogs!   

That’s why “Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Dog Food” has healthy, clean and pure nutritious ingredients.

 Dog Feeding Instructions - Dogs For The Earth

Our Organic Dehydrated Dog Food is easy to use. Just add hot water to re-hydrate!

No grain, no corn, no soy, no junk.
Equals no chunk in your dog's trunk!

Organic dog food is natural dog food.