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A Guiding Light For The Age of Information

a guiding light for the information age

How many eggs does it take to make an omelette?

Some say use an extra egg white for every egg, while many recommend only egg whites.

Ever hear the phrase too many cooks spoil the recipe? 

Well, too many opinions conflict the soul.

When we seek medical advice, one doctor may prescribe antibiotics while another may offer herbs and plant based tinctures. One physical therapist may suggest weight training while another yoga.

We’re blessed with choices and opportunities and with all the freedom and variety comes decisions.

 When it comes to dogs, the situation is no different.

A dog plagued by constant itching is no simple task to cure if you listen to all the experts, because many experts disagree.   

For every expert opinion, there is another expert with the opposite opinion and facts to prove it and yet another expert that says they’re both wrong.

  • Some same jab ‘em with an antibiotic
  • Some suggest dipping ‘em in vinegar
  • There’s creams and ointments
  • Pills and tablets.

And then there is diet.

  • Some suggest prescription kibble
  • Or low protein
  • Or novel protein with no carbs
  • Some say go vegan

As a consumer and dog lover the challenge is real. 

We are blessed to live in The Information Age and have so many choices.

  • How can so many expert opinions be so different, yet all considered expert?
  • How can consumers be safe and sure?
  • Where do we turn for the truth?

girl sitting alone with dog

The first and most important step is to decide who you are.

The truth, your truth, depends on your personal philosophy and your approach to life itself.

The advice you accept should align with your personal beliefs.

When you find like minds and follow experts with similar philosophies, you'll find comfort and peace in your path.

We Believe

  • We believe in organic, natural, pure nutrition over man made.
  • We support sustainable, regenerative farmers and ranchers. 

It's a choice we make behind our products because they are guiding philosophies in our lives.

The holistic veterinarians who recommend our products support the same beliefs.

  • They practice whole body wellness that includes mind, body, soul and environmental influences.

Here in our kitchens

😁We can’t agree on the best way to make an omelette, but we're experts on what makes a healthy dog food.❤️

  • 🌟👉Every ingredient purchased for our recipe is organic and made for human consumption.
  • 🌟👉Fine quality ingredients are the back bone and life-force behind our meals and treats.
  • 🌟👉A perfect ratio of pure muscle meat, fresh herbs, mineral rich vegetables and antioxidant packed fruits create food and treats that are as healthy as the are delicious. 

🌟✌😍We’re here, waving our white flag of health and safety for all those who, like us, want a pure and clean life.

By the way, if your dog is plagued with constant itching, we might be able to help with our Chelsea's blend. If your dog has a yeast imbalance, we suggest

  • strengthen the immune system with organic nutrition
  • aid digestive system with probiotics
  • avoid all sugar

Check out the link to find out more. 👇

My dog is itchy and it's driving me crazy!

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More about our Food Philosophy

Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make, makes you.  John C Maxwell

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