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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Organic Species Appropriate Dog Food integrated with Evolutionary Sophistication

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Sophisticated, Evolved, Refined.

3 little words that say so much.

They describe modern dogs who live in our homes.

They describe modern fur-parents who research and understand dog nutrition.

They also describe our food.

When you give your dog an Organic, Species Appropriate, Ancestral Diet that ➜ also Integrates Evolutionary Sophistication you protect and nourish on a incomparable level.

Your dog thrives.

That's only a few reasons we are on The List 2020 of Most Trusted Dog Foods in USA!

Species Appropriate is in recognition of dogs as opportunistic carnivores who will eat vegetation. Species Appropriate also respects the optimum balance of antioxidants and nutrition for dogs.

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Evolutionary Sophistication recognizes the close genetic relationship dogs have with wolves, but honors the historically documented feeding differences of our family dogs.

Evolutionary Sophistication recognizes the evolution of the digestive system of family dogs. Did you know research suggests that dogs were domesticated 16,000 years ago?

By 2000 BCE, humans were talking & writing about what to feed their dogs. Roman Poets and Philosophers recorded feeding tips for their furry friends in 34 BCE.

The Science of Veterinary Nutrition didn't emerge until the late 1800's and dogs had to wait until the mid 1980's for the United States National Academy of Sciences' National Research Council to publish nutritional requirements for them.

The evolving science of our understanding of our dog's nutrition is a reflection of our society and more than 16,000 years of evolution of our coveted and beloved family dogs..

Evolutionary Sophistication takes into consideration how our dogs have evolved. They are no longer the wild pack animals of 16,000 years ago and require a sophisticated, evolved, refined diet to suit their evolution.

As a dog's place in the family home has evolved, so should their diet.

Evolutionary Sophisticated diets are refined.

Better Quality Protein. Pure Muscle Meat. 100% Organic. USDA Human Grade. 

Better Quality Farmers & Ranchers: Sustainable, Ethical, Humane.

Refined: Our meat is gently heated to "safe handling temperatures"* 

This is done as much to ensure Chef and The Crew, in our kitchens, as well as you, your dog and your home environment are not subjected to the unnecessary threat of pathogens and organisms.  

We eliminate any possible concern about disruptive digestive attacks and other known side effects of food transmitted diseases. 

The nutritional loss is minimal while the safety precaution against possible food borne illness and organisms is huge! 

Because of the superior vitamin & mineral rich qualities of our air dried organic ingredients, the end result is nutritionally balanced.

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 In ancient times, if dogs had to hunt wild animals, eat bones and offal for food, today’s sophisticated family pets can live healthier with the high impact of sophisticated, evolved, refined organic foods.

Fans of RAW foods, you'll notice we didn't resort to bones, offal or organs.  Although typical, inexpensive and effective, we chose our organic, human grade ingredients with nutritional expertise to provide ample essential nutrition without organs and bones.

Avoid Chemical & Synthetic Vitamins: Did you know food grown in organic soil contains a high concentration of nutrition?

Quality Organic Ingredients Scientifically combined in perfect ratios provide pure nutrition and antioxidants.

You can provide our balanced diet that naturally detoxes, providing vibrant wellbeing day after day, year after year.

Evolutionary Sophisticated: Our Lifestyle Ketogenic (protein+) Ratios have naturally occurring MacroNutrients.

MacroNutrients feed Microbiome in the digestive system which helps prevent all 3 are major precursors of disease and illness.

  • Pathogenic Development
  • Damaged Mitochondria
  • Inflammation. 

nutritional scientists study study complex formulas for the correct combination of ingredients shis tzu
In our food, NO single ingredient is in excess:

Spinach / kale, green beans, squash and other Human Grade Ingredients are in perfect proportion to satisfy a dog’s need without excess or threat.

Some Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs can create issues when not measured with scientific nutritionists’ expertise.

A whole can of green beans, for example, is more dangerous than no green beans. Too many green beans create inflammatory bulk starch rather than valuable iron, magnesium, vitamin C.

Same for spinach, which when used proportionately, is a powerful provider!

The same thing can be said about Squash which, when abused, becomes a bulk filler, but in moderation provides valuable calcium and other benefits.

Nutrition is a science.

Organically Balanced Nutrition: 2 things make the difference 

  • Quality Ingredients - Must be fresh
  • Quantity of Ingredients - Ratio Combinations

An error in proportions can cause health complications.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry or become a PHD in Animal Nutrition to feed your dog.

Each and every hand made biscuit provides optimum nutrition and antioxidants- all you need to do is add water!

organic ingredients are toxin free nutritrient rich
This is the food created and driven by love and passion.

Splurge on your dog’s vibrant well being with our 100% Organic Dehydrated Dog Food and Treats.

Pure unprocessed ingredients

🌞On THE LIST 2020 Most Trusted Dog Food in USA

🌞Members of Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association

✅100% Organic Human Grade
✅100% Grass Fed
✅Sustainable, Humane, Pasture Raised
✅Muscle Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs 
✅No Additives

Dog Food does NOT need to be complicated to be healthy.

Organic Muscle Meat in a perfect combination of Vegetables Fruits and Herbs. Low Carbohydrates: No Legumes, No Potatoes.


Species Appropriate, Ancestral Diet with Integrated Evolutionary Sophistication. 
A Lifestyle Diet for Vibrant Wellbeing.

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