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The Unbiased Essential Guide To Sharing A Longer Life With Your Dog


A balanced life dances to the rhythm of Mother Nature. Before clocks, the graceful rising and setting sun governed the perfect pace for all life. Internal clocks still respond well to a predictable pattern.

  • Routine helps
  • Build stronger bodies
  • Maintain mental clarity
  • Ease anxiety and depression
  • Improve sleep and peacefulness


Running through a meadow, wading in a river, walking under a canopy of tall shade trees or climbing a rugged mountain, exercise improves overall body condition.

Benefits include:

  • Better heart health and blood circulation which carries valuable nutrients throughout the body
  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Brighter eyes
  • Alert mental agility
  • Stamina
  • Slower aging 



Rejuvenation, growth and maintenance is supported, rather than repair and damage control, simply by avoiding modern toxins.  When toxins are fed into the body on a regular basis, much energy and resources are spent defending cellular activity.

Fact: All Scientists agree these have a negative impact on immune function

  • Chemical pesticides and fertilizers
  • Artificial additives
  • Synthetic vitamins and minerals
  • Growth enhancers
  • Pharmaceutical bacterial and virus suppressants and inhibitors

The only debate is: How much is too much? Scientifically, it's hard to prove because each body responds differently. Boundaries can be pushed, results are subjective.

Question: How much can you take, can your dog take before your life is affected? How old will you live to be before toxins bioaccumulate, your body falters and allows disease to proliferate? 

Best health plan: Don't take the chance. Avoid controversial substances. Go Organic!



You, your dog and Mother Earth are made of approximately 70% water. Amazing! Water is the elixir of all life!  Rehydrate, replenish, refresh with ample water.

  • Natural detox
  • Helps clean the entire gastrointestinal digestive system
  • Purifies organs
  • Cleans bloodstreams 
  • Improves muscle and joint function
  •  Aids mental agility by supplying oxygen to the brain


It’s not just the stuff we eat.

The mind, body and spirit eat constantly.

Every bite we take, every breath that fills the lungs, every thought that passes through our minds has an impact. We are in control of our daily intake.

What we have to decide, is what kind of impact we wish to create.

The optimum lifestyle: feed the body with pure clean ingredients, the mind with challenges, excitement and entertainment and the spirit with love and joyful, good intentions.


Dogs have much to teach us about Love and happiness. Dogs know how to be grateful. For them, life is about appreciating and sharing the small moments in life.

They start each day with a wagging tail and open heart. They express their love freely and without reservation.

A sunny spot to sleep, a window view of the neighborhood, a romp in green grass or a dusty field, dogs know how to be grateful for every moment. 

Dogs teach us that life is to be lived in appreciation. As one grateful moment leads to the next, soon our days, our weeks, our lives are filled with grateful appreciation which leads to a joyful life.

So get out there and wag your tail in loving appreciation!

It’s that Saturday Morning, wind in the hair, no cares in the world feeling. Tiffy, walking fast paced, tail like a high flying flag waving in the wind, she’s going some place important! Funny little dog. We always let her choose where our walks take us - as long as safety isn’t an issue.

Today, she’s booking it! Crisp air her catalyst and clear skis her motivation, we’re on a roll. We love her indomitable spirit! As though nothing else matters. And at this minute, for her, nothing does!

Dog’s are like that. They seize the joy out of every minute, grab onto happiness out of thin air, and spread love to anyone they can. Hearts so pure, so full of delight, they can turn an ordinary morning into an adventure, a simple walk into a celebration and a nod to a neighbor into a love fest!  What’s wrong with that?

There’s got to be a lesson in there somewhere for all of us. But for right now, we’re just living the life, loving the morning and sharing the love with our dog.

Wishing you day full of dogs; because where there are dogs, there is love! ❤️

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