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Dog Food: The Back Story of Ingredients

When it comes to food, the back story is the essence.

Where did it come from?
Who grew it?
What is their focus, their commitment?


The back story is the real story and our story is all about the farmers and ranchers who supply us. 

Each one believes in regenerative, sustainable methods.
They proactively support nature's food chain, using only sun, soil, and rain.
They are humane and ethical.
They follow organic pastured standards. 
They are the future of our land and the heart of good health.
Pioneers and innovators.

What they do is harder

more expensive

more complicated

more regulated. 

It’s a matter of principles.

It’s all about doing the right thing.

About standing up for Mother Earth and future generations.

These are our farmers and ranchers.

Striving, as we are, to provide the safest cleanest food in the most respectful way. 

Healthy Food 🔹Healthy Dog 🔹 Healthy Planet. 
✅FDA Registered & Inspected
✅USDA Licensed
✅Women Owned
✅Holistic Vet Recommended
✅On THE LIST 2020 (2019 & 2018)
Most Trusted Dog Food USA

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