This time we are re-launching our nutrient rich liver treats! Try them out!!

Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Why so many dogs LOVE us

It doesn't seem to matter the size 
or the age 
or gender 
Everyone agrees 
a slight crinkle of our famous brown bag 
and they all come running! 


It's not complicated.  
It's Pure Ingredients. (Organic, Chemical Free) 
Human-Grade. (But better than table scraps because it's a recipe for your dog's optimum health.) 
It's Dehydrated. (We all know processed food is not healthy. Not for you, not for your dog) 


Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Biscuits with Yorkie (Tiffy) invading the picture

Inside every nutritious biscuit, human-grade organic ingredients are waiting for you to crumble and add water.  Have you ever crumbled a few biscuits, added water then placed it in the fridge overnight?  In the morning, you'll be delighted to see chunks of meat with vegetable and fruit bits.  This is what your dog loves, needs, craves!   

What you can't see in the biscuit are all the reasons people keep feeding our food to their dogs. Human-Grade Organic ingredients in 100% organic dog food equals a healthy dog. There's no two ways about it!

You'll be delighted by the improvement good, old fashioned real food makes to your dog's health.

Itchy skin problems, tear stains, picky eaters, lazy dogs, crazy hyper dogs, dogs with poor eye sight, digestion issues and  allergies can all be improved.  Nutrition for dogs, just like for us, is the cornerstone to good health.  Pure, clean, organic, unprocessed food gives your dog the opportunity to thrive.

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