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Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Dog Food for Tear Stains

Posted on June 30, 2020

maltese in sunglasses dogs for the earth

Those Embarrassing Tear Stains!

Excessive tears are created from external environmental factors or internal nutritional issues or both. Not all tears are the same.

Dogs with Rusty Tear Stains

  • The #1 cause of rusty tear stains are sensitivities to dietary impurities.
  • 99% of Rusty Tear Stains are excess TOXINS from the liver. 

Maltese with tear stains
Nothing can come out of your dog that doesn't go in first.

Rusty tears return day after day because they are caused from the inside out.

Fighting embarrassing stains with topical creams and drops only removes the symptom of liver toxins from your dog's eyes, but not the cause of excess toxins.

Some dogs are more sensitive to toxins than others.

What causes bio-accumulated toxins in the liver?

  • Artificial coloring
  • Synthetic vitamins
  • Chemical preservatives
  • High sugar content - Yeast Imbalance***
  • Industrial additives
  • Low grade ingredients
  • Impurities that started up the food chain like sulfonamides and impure animal feed
  •  Processing Methods
  •  Medications - especially antibiotics, prednisone / steroids

In the old days, tear stains were misunderstood. 

Nobody realized the relationship between rusty tear stains coming out of the eyes and toxins going into the body. 

Many vets, who haven't had time to read the latest research,  still explain it as "normal" for some breeds.

Ask yourself this: Why do all breeds, all ages of dogs who have tear stains have the same rusty color?  The answer is explained by science.  Toxins, removed from the liver are the same color as the rusty tear stains.

Science of tear stains
Fact: Thanks to modern science we know tear stains are caused by toxic build up bio-accumulated in the liver.

This scientific, medical research explains your dog's tear stains.  

NOT all dogs are created equal. 

If you have a dog showing sensitivities to and symptoms  of toxins the only way to permanently eliminate tear stains is to remove excess toxins and keep them out of your dog's body.

 To do that toxin free nutrition must be used.
  • food
  • treats
  • water 

Our organic food and treats not only work as a detox for your dog, but the optimum nutrition builds up your dog's immune system. 

This unique combination eliminates and keeps stains away.  


How Long Will It Take?

No tear stains Maltese

Some dogs respond rapidly, in as little as a week! It depends on the age, size, activity of your dog and level of toxins.

For dogs who have been suffering for years, it will take longer to remove the bio-accumulated toxins.


How Does It Work?

Detox starts internally removing bio-accumulated toxins and fortifying. On a cellular level, toxic free nutrition feeds cells, blood, organs skin, hair etc. Gradually, each day a toxic  free dog begins to emerge.

Eventually, as your dog's health improves internally, revitalized health develops externally.

You can expect brighter eyes, tears gradually diminishing to elimination, improved hair and skin quality, increased vitality and a greater vigorous wellbeing.

It's the purity of our food combined with the exact combination of nutritional ingredients together, that provide relief.

Maltese no tear stains and happy mommy

It's important to recognize that Tear Stains are a symptom of TOXINS in your dog's liver and detox is essential.


You'll be relieved to see the difference pure, clean organic food makes!  There is a certain pride as your dog struts through the neighborhood like a superstar!


When relief replaces distressing, dirty eyes, and your dog’s health & vitality have improved, you’ll be glad you switched to Dogs For The Earth 100% organic dehydrated dog food & treats.

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"Rocco's eyes started getting better in just a few weeks! Huge improvement in under a month! Rocco is proof that what you're providing in his food is working great! Thank you DFTE for providing help for us. Rocco LOVES your food, too!" Traci Z.

remove tear stains - food for tear stains - dogs for the earth organic dog food

Tear Stains can be eliminated with toxic free, highly nutritious food.Learn more about our Original Organic Dehydrated Dog Food

Whoa ... hold on a minute....

We have to mention Yeast Imbalance as it also causes excess toxins and tear stains. If your dog has Tear Stains AND any of the symptoms below ... your dog may have a Yeast Imbalance.

Yeast is a possibility if your dog has one or all of the symptoms: 

Eyes: Rusty tears, stains, and discharge
Feet: Rusty color. Yeast has a distinctive smell; like moldy bread, cheese, or corn chips (we call it "tortilla feet"). Constant licking of feet. Dogs will lick and chew on their itchy feet. 
Ears: Inflamed, waxy discharge, rusty color, odor, scratching ears often. Looks dark or dirty. 
Face: Rusty stains, loss of hair, blackened skin, itchy and rubbing face with feet. 
Skin: Yeast likes moist, warm areas and it can look like dirty skin: under arms and under legs and inside ears. Yeast can drive dogs crazy with itchy areas and the more they scratch the more it itches. They might have bald spots with a very distinctive odor, often with oily skin and fur. 

Yeast needs sugar to survive so by eliminating complex carbohydrates and high glycemic ingredients you can prevent the spread of Yeast.


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