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3 Magic Words For A Healthier Life

"Location, location, location!" are 3 words heard often in real estate.

For good health, all living things need nutrition. You simply can't have good health without good nutrition. Good nutrition depends on good food.

Now, you know the grocery store's shelves are laden with choices. In any given isle you might grab a product that is healthy or not. From artificial flavors, processed chemicals, dyes and preservatives to questionable origins, man made vitamins and bpa plastics.

We live in a consumer age of Buyer Beware! This is true about dog food as well.

Thankfully, we also live in the Information Age.

We can google and Bing and Yahoo our way to know anything we desire. 

Of course, we need to check sources and double check facts and actually, a person could spend a whole day trying to figure out just how dangerous the common preservative BHA really is!

And these days, we need a good memory, it's very common to read the ingredients list and find more words that look like a foreign language than words that look like real food. What about all the words that look like they're from a scientific journal such as

Fructooligisaccharides or Tociphorois? (common additives in dog food)

Do we resort to internet research while doing our shopping?

The cumbersome maze of additives and processing that the food industry has built around our food can complicate our lives and confuse our choices.

So how do we, the conscientious consumer, know what is safe?

How do we make healthy choices?

2 important steps.

  1. Start with the ingredients. It is real food? Do you recognize the ingredients as something you could purchase at a farmers market? If not, don't buy it. Don't eat it. Don't give it to your family and don't give it to your dog. Don't even think about it, walk away.
  2. Go Organic. Go pure and clean. This removes any possibility of harmful chemicals, pesticides or GMO's (genetically modified organisms) when you Go Organic you eliminate a lot of industrial jargon and dangers from your food.

By taking 2 important steps: Simplify, Go Organic! you've improved the quality of you & your dogs' nutrition, life and planet.

The 3 magic words to a healthier life?

Simplify, Go Organic! 

It's really not such a complicated world after all.

Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Dog Food

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