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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

We Make Food For Family Dogs

Yorkie Food and food for family dogs - dogs for the earth organic dog food

For all of us, our dogs are more than "just a dog." 
Our dogs are FAMILY. Devoted to and deeply loved.
We make exceptional dog food for family dogs.

Your dog's food doesn't need to be complicated.

No need for confusing  industrial jargon, synthetic additives, percentage scales and a chemistry degree.

No need to be weighing and measuring, grinding and worrying. 

Our Exclusive Dog Food is 100% Organic, Human-Grade Ingredients.

Our Nutritious Recipe Provides Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants.

We do it with the abundance mother nature provides in organic meat, vegetables, fruit and herbs. Did you know organic food provides more minerals, vitamins, enzymes and protein? 


Organic beef, organic spinach, organic green beans, organic broccoli, organic pumpkin, organic carrots, organic squash, organic blueberries, organic bananas, organic apples, organic celery, organic ground flax, organic chia seeds, organic kelp powder and organic parsley.

No additives, No Processing, Nothing but pure, clean ORGANIC human quality food.

Our natural air drying dehydration does not deplete vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes.

Everything your dog needs in one healthy biscuit (2, 3 or more if you have bigger dogs)
Just add water ..... and love.

Each tasty bite provides human grade goodness in exact proportions to ensure your family dog eats well, without industrial processing and chemicals.

When your dog eats our exceptional quality remarkable changes occur.

Your dog's system will not be fighting off toxins, everything they eat will have an advantage.

Sit back and enjoy the healthy changes. From the first bag you'll notice more energy, vitality and mental agility. Skin issues, allergies, tear stains, bad breath, brittle fur are just a few things that improve dramatically with our optimum nutrition.

Our food is extraordinary and costs more than ordinary dog food. Here's why.

  • 100% Organic, Human Grade  Meat
  • 100% Organic, Human Grade Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs
  • All of our ingredients come from Organic, Sustainable, Ethical Farmers.
  • 100% Air Dried / Dehydrated - Never Processed
  • Extraordinary Quality Dog Food

It is not only about what your dog is eating,

but what was eaten,

by what your dog is eating?

In other words, how safe is your dog's food?

Our Dog Food is 100% Organic Safe

Our quality ensures your dog avoids modern, industrial toxins.  

Your dog's immune system doesn't need to fight off ingredients in their food.

It's a nasty list, but very important. If you want to provide the best dog food for your dog, you don't want the following:

No GMO,s, No steroids, No Growth Hormones, No Sulfonamides, No Fungicides, No Herbicides, No Fertilizers - you get the idea, NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP - commonly passed up the food chain during conventional farming.

No Bulk fillers, No Soy, No Grain, No Wheat, No Rice, No Peas, No Sorghum , No Junk!  No Fertilizers, No Stabilizers, No Emulsifiers and No Toxic By- Products From High Heat, Extruding and Canning.

We are an Exceptional Dog Food company with Exceptional Dog Food

When we say Organic Dog Food we mean dog food without pesticides and chemicals, of course, but also toxic residues from processing. 

Our recipe is extraordinary, because we all want our dogs to live long healthy lives. We think our family deserves the best quality and the best chance for a healthy life.  Ordinary dog food will not do that.

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 Exceptional Dog Food for Family Dogs by Dogs For The Earth

Healthy dogs have strong immune systems.
Every single unnatural ingredient in your dog's food WILL compromise their immune system in some way.
Find out why 100% Organic Dehydrated Dog Food helps
Dogs With Tear Stains
We buy our Beef from White Oak Pastures and farmers just like this.
Listen to Will Harris owner of White Oak Pastures talk about why Organic Meat from sustainable, ethical farms cost more than conventional, industrially produced meat.



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