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Why won't my dog eat?

Posted on May 09, 2017

My dog won't eat - dogs for the earth - organic dog food

Most dogs who won’t eat can't help it. Seriously!

Most picky eaters are sensitive to smells. It's true!

Some dogs have 220 million or more olfactory receptors, compared to only 5 million for humans.  That means your dog can smell far better than you.

Many picky dogs smell and taste processing, chemicals & added synthetic vitamins that you can't detect. For some dogs, it's important.

They know the difference.

 No, they can’t say, “Whoa, Mom! I smell sulfonamides – if I eat this I’ll have liver issues as I get older.”   But they can smell "something" is not right.  

Dogs are famous for their acute sense of smell: From drug-sniffing dogs at airports, to search and rescue dogs during disasters, to bloodhounds after an escaped convict.

why wont my dog eat - dogs for the earth

Dogs' olfactory abilities go beyond what we had previously imagined. Now we know dogs can sniff out cancer in human beings, as well as alert us to dangerous drops in our blood sugar. 

Some dogs can tell when food isn’t good for them?

Some dogs have a preference and don't like the taste of manufactured food.

If you have a dog who refuses to eat, chances are your dog needs exceptional dog food.


why dogs won't eat - picky dogs - dogs for the earth -

The sad truth about some industrial kibble and manufactured dog food.

Long before all of us as a society began to consider the best nutrition for dogs, the dog food industry had a history of using food scraps rejected for human consumption. Industrial - grade manufactured dog food, was based on finding a purpose for the scraps.

Scraps: food that has been condemned as unfit for people. Meaning, food we’d throw away: Literally, garbage (like dying, diseased or deceased animals - but let's not dwell on the negative).

In more recent years, standards of nutrition and quality for dogs has been getting recognition. Industrial-grade kibble and other manufactured dog food has  had to adjust.

Instead of changing their philosophy of using scraps.  Some manufactured dog food continued to use low grade scraps and to compensate for the poor nutritional value of scrap ingredients, the some began to use inexpensive additives, synthetic vitamins and chemical preservatives.  

Some dogs who refuse to eat can smell all these toxic ingredients and don't like them. If the chicken breast you cooked isn't organic, your dog can probably smell the processing and chemical laced feed given to the chicken.

Incredulous, right?  That's because you don't have 220 million receptors in your nose - only 5 million. Big difference.

yorkies who won't eat - dogs for the earth - organic dog food

Some manufactures also came up with what we call "Industrial Jargon"

Industrial Jargon:  Read most ingredient labels and you are sure to find industrial jargon representing synthetic additives & chemicals. 

A double whammy!  Poor quality, toxic ingredients amplified with toxic additives and processing!

This is when your dog steps in and says, "Excuse me, but I'm not eating that!"

Even if the Industrial Jargon says: Delicious meaty flavor fortified with vitamins!

my dog wont eat - dogs for the earth - picky dogs

Luckily, society and their dogs are evolving.

Dog lovers are recognizing that dogs are what they eat, too. 

People and dogs are taking a stand and demanding better!

my dog won't eat - harmful ingredients to avoid in dog food - dogs for the earth


If you are lucky enough to have a dog that tells you their food is not good enough, give them a big kiss and thank them. (Some poor dogs aren't so sensitive, they eat that stuff and end up developing all sorts of complications.)

Refusing food can also be due to lack of variety. Dogs love variety! Who would want to eat the same thing day after day, month after month, year after year? 

If you have a dog who is refusing to eat fresh healthy food, consider variety.

This is where we come in.

We make healthy dog food.

Not only do we make healthy dog food, we make dogs healthy.

Our organic dog food and treats are not complicated.  Every ingredient is pure, clean, human grade ingredients you could purchase at an organic farmers' market.  

dogs for the earth - organic dog food - organic dehydrated dog food - ingredients

When we talk about pure and clean food we mean food without pesticides and additives, of course, but also free from toxic residues caused by processing. 

Our exceptional quality tastes and smells deliciously like real food, because it is!

Now, you can watch your dog thrive on our 100 percent Organic Dehydrated Dog Food and Treats.

dogs for the earth - organic dehydrated dog food - my dog won't eat - picky eaters - dog food for yorkies

When your dog's diet is Dogs For The Earth human grade ingredients, their overall lives improve. Our recipe not only tastes and smells delicious, it provides optimum nutrition and antioxidants.

  • You'll see more energy, vitality and joy!
  • You will see a difference in hair or fur and skin condition.  
  • Mental agility improves.

You'll feel a great sense of pride and peace knowing your dog is finally eating and thriving!

Enjoy 20% OFF your first order of our Ultimate Samplers!

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