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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Waking Up From The Slumber Of The Industrial Food Age

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The Industrial Food Age slumber is finally coming to an end. Everyone is waking up to a new understanding about how food effects our dogs.

Not too long ago, eye candy food - colorful rows of “plastic-perfect" fruits and vegetables were in demand in our grocery stores.

Now we know the high cost of cosmetic farming and ranching.

Now we realize the health hazards of artificial beauty, artificial flavor, artificial food. 

Before, a 50 lb bag of dry food was considered good for "Rover," these days, choosing healthy dog food has never been more complex, full of worry, conflicting information and controversial ingredients. 

No good can come from pointing big, fat accusing fingers at industrial food or farmers, in those days, we all thought it was progress. Modern science, research and real life evidence all around us tell the tale of a wrong step. A big mistake. Poor choices.
So now we know better. We all realize chemicals, synthetics, and processing are health hazards. And now, we are honor bound to do better. Eat better. Feed better. Feel better.
It's never been more obvious to us as we help more and more people detox their dogs, transition those who, out of fear, turned to homemade yet worry about incomplete nutrition or the intimidating dangers of raw meat bacteria.
One thing all of us have in common is an understanding of the deep, intense love we have for our dogs and this love unites us and makes us stronger.
We are all in this together and the most important thing we can all do for our dogs is provide pure, clean ingredients. As everyone becomes part of the end of The Industrial Food Age, we make a difference.


Together we are helping to change the dog food industry, we’re marching off to a safer future for all dogs and waving our white flags of hope and peace for a better, cleaner, organic world while we do it.

As the world unites for a toxic free environment and organic food, we help bring organic prices down and healthy choices up.

When we make a calculated decision to support those striving against industrial and environmental pollution and health compromising practices, we choose life!  We choose safety and good health.

Organic food nutrient rich and toxin free

Every time we bite into an organic apple instead of conventional, or order an organic salad or burger, we applaud and reward the pioneering farmers and ranchers trying to make a difference. And we say, “No more!” to chemicals, toxins and pollution.

We’re proud to belong to this powerful community filled with love and strength.

Creating a safe, healthy dog food has always been our mission. We've always wanted to contribute to the well being of dogs and have a positive impact on our planet.

We know we’re blessed. 

Our goals remain steadfast as more and more people wake up from the Industrial Food Age slumber and embrace an organic lifestyle.

Our mantra is simple: Healthy Food. Healthy Dog. Healthy Planet

Healthy ingredients are the key to Nutrition.

Nutrition is the foundation of a good diet.

A good diet is the foundation of good health.

Where do you draw the line on what exactly is considered healthy?

The answer is simple, there really is no compromise.

We must use USDA Human Quality Ingredients
Either our ingredients will be safe or they won’t. There is no half way, no “almost good enough” when it comes to food safety.

    There is no mid way when it comes to Organic.
    Either they have some synthetic additives or they do not.
    Either farmers and ranchers use questionable growing methods or they don’t.

      Food is either pure and clean and 100% safe or it is not. 
      Of course, all of this quality makes our food more expensive. 
      It also also makes our food exceptionally healthy. 
      That's our mission and promise to you.

      We make the life source for dogs all over the country.  

      It's a huge responsibility!

      We nourish the deepest love of so many people.

      An immeasurable honor.

      With heartfelt love and gratitude for all dog lovers making a better world.


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