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#justadog The Power of Love

#justadog dogs for the earth love

Just a dog.

For us, the comment “he’s just a dog” never made sense.

June 6, 2018

When we look at Tiffy we see what everyone sees, but when we gaze deep into her eyes, bright & lively, full of intelligence and love; we know her.

She’s a talker and her eyes speak volumes. Tiny, little 5 pound companion, able to express herself with clarity and illuminate with undeniable energy. She can break the ice in a room full of strangers and make everyone laugh, just by being herself. Or console a deep sadness she senses from a single soul in a crowd.

The emotional capacity of dogs are a lesson to us all.Their ability to communicate, emanate emotion and empathize reminds us how powerful love can be.

We hear from people everyday who are as deeply in love with their dogs as we are with Tiffy. We understand each other. 

They know why we make our food the way we do because that’s what they want for their dog, too. They get it. They are the people who say, “I’m so glad I found you!” We are all kindred spirits.

Is it important that every single ingredient in our dog’s food is organic? Absolutely! everything has an impact on our dog's body, mind and future. Everything is either harmful or beneficial.

We want food that is pure and powerful.
A super food that surpasses all others.
We want a food that is as good for Tiffy as our love is deep.

Some shake their heads. They say, “Organic? Human Quality? But it’s just a dog!”

And to that, all of us dog lovers say, that’s right, just a dog.

One of the most amazing animals on our planet.

All of us dog lovers,
who talk to our dogs,
snuggle with our dogs,
who bathe in the light of their love and depend on our dogs,
all of us who know what it means to feel that sweet ache of love in our heats,
we know we are their life source.
We hold the key to their long life and good health with every meal we serve.

And we all say: Yes! 100% Organic, 100% Air Dried, 100% Healthy!

Because she is #justadog and I”m justahuman and I want my dog with me forever.

just a dog #justadog dogs for the earth love

May 11, 2018

Just a dog. What does it mean?

That the love we feel from our dog is irrational? That the devotion we receive isn’t real?

When we think of dogs, we think about the outpouring of love and admiration. The comradery when we’re blue, support when we’re ill and joyous games when all’s well.

For us, he’s just a dog, means he’s attentive and aware, acutely in-tuned to emotions and able to “read” the energy around him. He’s willing to give all he has as a valiant guard and remain on duty, for whatever is needed, at a moments notice.


In fact, he’s just a dog, is kind of expressing the greatest complement about supreme loyalty and compassion.

According to the Dalai Lama, as a human being, having love and compassion for others is just about the greatest attribute, it’s an ultimate goal for humanity and the secret for world peace. Some say, love is all we need and if that’s true, we all need “just a dog!”

So here’s to our dog Tiffy. She’s #justadog and we’re so blessed she’s ours! Now get out there and adopt #justadog. After all, we are justahuman and our life is better with just a dog! 

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