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Taurine and The Danger of Grain Free Foods

If you’ve been following the news about Taurine and Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs eating certain grain free foods, this will help you.

 taurine - grain free diets - grain free dog food - legumes in dog food = peas in dog food - dcm in dogs

✅ Fact from Dr. Jean Hofve: “Taurine is found primarily in muscle meat and is completely absent in grains.” Dr. Jean Hofve


✅ Fact from FDA: “Diets in cases reported to the FDA frequently list potatoes or multiple legumes such as peas, lentils, other “pulses” (seeds of legumes), and their protein, starch and fiber derivatives early in the ingredient list, indicating that they are main ingredients. Early reports from the veterinary cardiology community indicate that the dogs consistently ate these foods as their primary source of nutrition for time periods ranging from months to years.


✅ Fact from Truth About Pet Food Consumer Advocate “With any kibble, the issue is not the grain or lack of it. It is the fact that, in order to keep protein levels high, manufacturers are adding legumes, from which taurine cannot be converted.”


✅ Fact from Veterinary Cardiology Specialists: According to Dr. Stern, the lead researcher, the majority of cases they are seeing at UC Davis are from grain free diets that are high in legumes and low in taurine  ...

👉🤭Effective advertising! 👏👈🙄

UC DAVIS and TUFTS UNIVERSITY simultaneously released the same research.

The UC Davis Press Release:

"There seems to be a correlation between the following categories of foods and dilated cardiomyopathy:

  1. Boutique (small manufacturer)
  2. Exotic Ingredients (protein sources like rabbit, duck, things other than chicken or beef)
  3. Grain Free  

Question: Why would UC DAVIS discredit small boutique dog food businesses and grain free dog food?

🌟Clever advertising comes in all forms. 
What Started The Media Explosion?
🙄Veterinarian L. Freeman signed the Press Release from Tufts University:
“Reconsider your dog’s diet. If you’re feeding a boutique, grain-free, or exotic ingredient diets, I would reassess whether you could change to a diet with more typical ingredients .... and do yourself a favor – stop reading the ingredient list!”
🤯🤪The link to her report is below but before reading it - (and this is important) 


👉👉🔴Consider who funded the scientific research and Advertising Press Release that started the taurine scare. 
(Hint: The list is similar to the same companies who fund the research at UC DAVIS Veterinary Medicine)👇

The following companies gave to the UC School of Veterinary Medicine more than One Million Dollars Each

Mars Incorporated

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Morris Animal Foundation

American Kennel Club

American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation

Bayer Corporation
What do these companies have to do with dog food?

Mars Incorporated = PEDIGREE®, and ROYAL CANIN®. Mars Petcare is also home to the brands NUTRO®, GREENIES®, SHEBA®, CESAR®, IAMS® AND EUKANUBA®. Mars Petcare is the world's biggest veterinary health group with hospitals such as BANFIELD®, BLUE PEARL®, PET PARTNERS®, and VCA® - making Mars the largest veterinary operation in the North America. (They need sick dogs to survive)

Hills Pet Nutrition - Science Diet, Prescription Diet, Ideal Balance, Healthy Advantage

Morris Animal Foundation - supported by The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM), PetCo and Blue Buffalo Foundation.

American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation – in partnership with Eukanuba, a grain based dog food owned by Mars Corporation

Bayer Corporation- owns Monsanto the largest GMO seed supplier in the world. Forty percent of the world's genetically modified (GM) crops are grown in the U.S., where Monsanto controls 80 percent of the GM corn market, and 93 percent of the GM soy market and is heavily invested in grains. Responsible for all the major companies that sell farmers the stuff they need to grow crops: seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers. Also makers of flea & tick chemicals known to have life threatening side effects.

Here's the complete list of doners to UCDavis Vet Med

If you have read all the links, all the scientific reports and considered who paid for the research - you now know who is behind the Taurine Scare and why.
This is not our opinion, just plain talk.

Taurine Plain Talk.

Scientific research shows lack of taurine can cause DCM in some dogs.
No, grain free diets are not the cause.
Lack of Taurine is the cause.
Taurine comes from muscle meat protein... not grains.
Ah, BTW... pure organic muscle meat is the main ingredient in Dogs For The Earth Organic Dog Food.



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