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5 Ways Dogs Show Us How To Be Better People

 5 ways dogs teach us to be better - people dogs for the earth

2021 and The Rhythm of The Universe 

As the sun begins to rise, life awakens, birdsongs begin, and a new cycle starts. Dogs do best when living in routine and better when their routine mimics nature.

As we rise on the first day of our new year, Dog Lovers know they are cocooned in life’s most rewarding emotions. Dogs understand the rhythm of the universe and the energy patterns of life. Dogs get it and we’re all lucky to be learning how to communicate with them, share their knowledge and live a happy, loving life. 

If your resolution is to live better, do better, be better all we have to do is have a close look at our dogs.


5 ways dogs show us how to be better people.

dogs for the earth  - 5 ways dogs teach us to be better people 

1.  Love always. Say hello to strangers with a smile (or a tail wag)


dogs for the earth - 5 ways dogs teach us to be better people

2. Forgive immediately. Understand that life is for loving and holding a grudge interrupts your purpose of life. Just wag your tail (or smile) and move on - because you can and love is more important to a happy life.


 dogs for the earth - 5 ways dogs teach us to be better people

3. Be Grateful. To be content with what you have, is a dog’s way. A stone floor or a fluffy bed, dried up kibble or human grade meals, spending the day together or waiting home for your arrival. Dogs are always grateful for the tiniest treat, the slightest sign of affection, for everything, really! Appreciate like a dog and say thank you for sunny days and walks in the rain, a random flower or a bright birdsong, stop and feel the breeze on your face... live in the moment!


dogs for the earth - 5 ways dogs teach us to be better people

 4. Show compassion. A dog’s heart is so open and pure; they suffer when you suffer. They empathize with your flu and stick by your side no matter what. Everyday a dog shows compassion towards your life... our mission is to hold tight to that lesson and do the same with all beings we encounter, every day.


dogs for the earth - 5 ways dogs show us to be better people

5.Compromise. Dogs know what they want, but they also know how to share their life. It’s give and take, and for most dogs, it’s usually give. Because their ultimate goal is to live amid peace and love, to share joy and comfort and sometimes, in order to achieve that, you have to compromise.
Dog lovers know the power and strength behind the love of a dog. When we look into their eyes, they look back into our hearts and we feel it deep within our souls. Every day, if we pay attention, a dog can teach us something more about sharing and caring, love and life - and they do it all by following the wisdom of the universe and feeling the energy around them.

Dogs are such remarkable beings, we are all so lucky to be blessed by their true spirits and faithful love.

Wishing you a dog filled 2021 where all your dreams come true.

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