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The Heart Of A Dog - Energy Readers

Do you ever notice how emotional energy effects your dog? 

How, for example, when you are joyful and energetic your dog's spirits are higher, too?

Ever notice how a sad phone call or tearful conversation will also change your dog's mood?

Sensitive dogs go a step further.

When a household experiences emotional distress, when you commiserate with hardship or trauma broadcast on the airwaves, when the safety net of routine becomes unpredictable, sweet, sensitive dogs feel the shift and often, react emotionally and physically.

A seemingly healthy dog suffers a bout of diarrhea, a usually robust eater loses their appetite, emotional energy can have a profound effect on animals and sensitive dogs in particular.

For some sensitive dogs gastrointestinal distress seems to appear out of nowhere.

Everybody can remember a time when they didn't feel well and their dog stuck by them all day!  Maybe you've seen a documentary about wild animals using heart energy to communicate. Think about lions who triangulate their prey.  Without seeing each other, without a sound or motion they communicate and pounce at exactly the same moment.

Or perhaps you've been intuitive about a loved one needing help or seconds before the phone rings you think you know who it is, and you're right! 

Heart felt emotional energy surrounds us. The measurable wavelengths are more powerful than brainwaves and explain that "feeling" you get about situations and people.

Dogs are master energy readers. They can feel the temperament of a stranger, the mood of a room and your emotions instantly.

This is the glory and burden of the dog.

If you have noticed sudden changes in your dog's health,  if you've noticed a change in eating habits, digestive complications and elimination routine, if your dog is suddenly a little skittish by loud noises or sudden movement; your dog may be especially sensitive to the impact of our changing world.

Soothing spa music, a carefully created den that allows your dog to have their back secure while being able to watch into the room, a predictable routine amid calm energy will help your sensitive dog.

A sensitive dog will often have a disrupted gastrointestinal system.  In human terms: a nervous tummy. They may suddenly stop eating, or appear to become picky and refuse all food; this is usually an indication more about the condition of their tummy rather than their pallet. 

Calming & healing with organic, raw, fermented, goats milk often does wonders for nervous tummies.

Dogs are such magical creatures. Their joyful light is contagious, all we have to do is provide a safe haven for their love.

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