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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

A Brighter Future


Scooter My Positive Pup

Oh what a joy, the dog world is rapidly changing!

We wish we could shout from rooftops! Not too long ago the voice of holistic veterinarians couldn’t be heard over powerful advertisements.

Today, like minds can now gather around the world in an instant and unite, the healing voices of natural doctors are loud and clear. 

It's all about Whole Body Wellness

Whole Body Wellness starts with nourishment.

Nourishment of mind, body, soul and recognition of the impact of our environment.

Your holistic vet will practice preventative treatment.

Your holistic vet will establish a routine for living a healthy life that prevents disease before stage 4, chronic and irreversible begins.

When it comes to whole body wellness, the impact of what enters the body is the beginning of everything.
Toxic Free Nutrition is critical because everything that goes into your dog’s stomach spreads into their body. 

🐾We are dedicated to providing food, real food, for your dog’s optimum health.

🐾We start with scientific requirements for vibrant wellness and never waiver.

Science is our guide but Organic Mother Nature is our provider.

🐾Every single ingredient has a positive impact towards whole body optimum health. Every ratio, every portion is carefully measured and weighed against the nutritional requirements and we never cut corners.

Mother Nature is our Provider and Conscious Consumerism our standard:  We keep it clean and pure, organic, sustainable and humane. 

As like minds continue to research, as holistic veterinarians unite, as consumers study with the same love and dedication they feel for their dogs; our voices become stronger and family dogs benefit.

Today, dogs everywhere are eating farm fresh, wholesome ingredients. Their lives are vibrant and filled with love. 

Consumers everywhere now recognize and understand the crippling effect of toxic additives, chemicals and synthetics.

They’ve stood by helpless and defeated watching toxic disease take loved ones; before modern science revealed the deadly secrets of the industrial era of food; before we were united with knowledge. 

dogs for the earth here to help

We’re here.

Not shouting from rooftops but quietly helping dog lovers provide for their family for over a decade.

We’re here with many others, raising the standards of dog food, helping to spread love and logical information, waving our white flag of hope for a better future for your dog.

Come join our family, watch your dog thrive and create a brighter future. 

Cover Photo Credit: "Night Walk" by Ken MacLeod: Professional Dog Trainer using positive reinforcement training. That's Scooter in the photo!

"My method is simple...

Positive reinforcement training makes your pup eager to learn, makes you excited to teach and makes it possible for you and your dog to accomplish far more than you ever thought possible."

My Positive Pup

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