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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Feeding Your Family Is Our Passion.

feeding your family is important 

Nothing is more important to us than providing your dog with the finest 100% Organic, Human Quality Ingredients.
Your dog’s vitality, health and vigor largely depend on our food and we couldn’t be more grateful for your trust.

 Ultimate Truth

Universal Truth

You can’t expect extraordinary results by doing things the ordinary way.

Some people say we go overboard.

Maybe we do, but that’s because we feed our dogs like their lives depend on the quality of their food … because it does!

Your dog’s food has once again been given the highest honors in the country:
We are on The List 2019 Best Dog Food.

The release of this news has created a huge buzz keeping us busy making biscuits day and night.
We’ve been busy expanding our facility. 
There are times when all the electrical power will be turned off which is creating delays. 

Delays will be short lived and sporadic but may affect your supply.
But you may receive partial, irregular shipments.
We regret any inconvenience.
beautiful sky

Some things are beyond our control.

organic pastured raised chickens


The Weather and Organic Farmers

Our strict business guidelines of choosing to support only organic, sustainable and humane farmers and ranchers within an earth friendly parameter can strain supply lines at any given time.  

 For instance, this year’s hurricanes devastated many small organic farms – especially organic, free range, pasture raised chicken farms. Many farmers and ranchers within the hurricanes’ paths are still struggling to recover.


organic farmers hands

Unprocessed Organic ingredients can be challenging.

When using unprocessed, organic ingredients, natural air-drying times vary. For instance, blueberries might be plumper, apples can be juicer.

Only processed food can look, feel & taste and be prepared the same way every single time.

When it comes to organic, unprocessed food variations are expected!

snow and mailbox

Postal Delays.

Public Holidays Such as Christmas, poor weather conditions with heavy snow or ice  and other postal closings such as President George H. W. Bush Day on December 5th can interrupt our supplies and your deliveries.


Why tell you this? 

Because as hard as we try, there maybe unexpected delays.

Meanwhile, you can always be sure, we do everything we can to get your
100% Organic, Dehydrated Dog Food Made with Human Grade Ingredients to you.
Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences
and know that your satisfaction is important to us!

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