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It's Not Enough To Love Your Dog

People always say they love their dog more than anything.  So do we!

What is it about dogs that makes them so lovable?  Is it because when you step outside to get the mail and come back in after 30 seconds your dog greets you like you've been gone for weeks?  Or because no matter what mood we are in, they are there, right with us, sharing every feeling?  Is it because when we are tired or sick, our faithful companions stick close and yes, actually take care of us?

Whatever IT is, we are a nation of dog lovers!

Yet all the love in the world isn't the only thing we need to keep our dogs healthy. If it were, our family dogs would live forever.

For all living things, good health depends on good nutrition. You can not have a healthy body & mind without good nutrition.

Somehow, along the way in our dog loving history, we've been confused by what exactly our dogs need. 

When the industrial food industry began,  they looked at all the left over food scraps not fit for humans and some bright industrialist said, "Eureka!  Food scraps, dogs eat food scraps, we'll use all this stuff for dogs!"  And so, the dog food industry was born. America began to feed their dogs dried kibble made of unfit food.(Do you truly understand how kibble is made? Read this to learn more)

That was more than 50 years ago, when TV ads for dog food told us what our dogs needed.

Before modern science, before dog nutritionists, before the internet and the information age and before we understood so much about dogs.

That was then.

Did you know that the PROCESS of making Kibble creates known carcinogens?  Did you know 51% of all US dogs receive cancer treatment? 

Our nutritionist was talking to someone the other day about the prescription dog food she was feeding her dog. She read the ingredients and thought how did we come to this?  

Water, Corn Starch, Pork Liver, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols, and citric acid), Sucrose,  Chicken Liver Flavor, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Citrate, Caramel Color, Choline Chloride

Our nutritionist asked,

"What if, your Doctor handed this food to you and asked you to feed it to your child everyday for the next year.  Would you?" 

They both laughed, who would?

Yet, it's not a bad question because everyday people feed those exact ingredients to dogs they love.

Like us, dogs have eyes & ears & organs and blood systems. They have skin and hair and although their digestive system assimilates food differently, they require nutrition, as do we. 

When we approach our dogs nutritional needs from a logical position, we can easily recognize their need for fresh clean food. We can understand the value and importance of good quality ingredients.

When it comes to all living things, there is no substitute for good nutrition and there is no better nutrition than clean pure, organic food.

So take all that love and bundle it up into a great big hug and get your dog the nutritional life saving food deserved.

  Go get a bag of our Organic Dehydrated Dog food.

Feed it to your dog and then you can sit back and relax knowing you just gave  your dog all the things that love can't.

Then share a big hug and and a joyful smile because your dog has everything they need now.

 Yound boy hugging family dog

 +Thanks to the New York Times for the black & white image

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