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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Benefits of Our Dog Food

Each and every ingredient in your dog's food has a direct impact on your dog's health, energy levels and ability to fight off disease.

Your dog's immune system starts at a cellular level in their gut, and therefore, you cannot have good health without good nutrition. That is why we are so passionate about our ingredients.

A dog sitting in a field of flowers, looking at the camera, almost smiling.

The Importance of Gut Health

Your dog’s gut health is the main supporting factor of their immune system and their ability to fight off cancer, disease and illness. It also plays a factor on their energy levels, skin conditions and overall wellness. That is why we’re committed to creating dog food recipes that help support the good bacteria in your dog’s gut. Our, ketogenic fresh, living food and low sugar recipes create the perfect conditions to enhance a healthy microbiome.

After you have made the switch to our dog food, you’ll notice quick and measurable differences in your dog’s overall health, appearance, and energy levels. Our dog food helps to eliminate tear stains, improve allergies, stop yeast imbalance and invigorate your dog's well-being. 

A small dog scratching its ear.
A small white dog with what appers to be stains on its face.

Itchy skin, scratchy, licky all the time skin causes and solutions.   

Tear Stains that are rusty in color are symptoms of excess liver toxins. Modern science has proven when toxins are removed, stains are eliminated.

A dog on its back in a field of flowers, as if scratching itself.
A dog sitting in a field of flowers, its paws raised, almost smiling.

Dogs with allergies have 2 possible sources: Nutritional or Environmental or a combination of both. This is about nutritional allergies, specifically, how certain dog food ingredients can cause reactions in your dog.

Picky Eaters - Dogs who can easily smell the difference between their food and yours…and want yours. Often, they have an acute sense of smell and a strong personality!  

Two small dogs, appearing to race as the sun sets in the background.

Unadulterated Wellth™️

Hardly anyone talks about the health of your dog’s cells.

It’s the health of each individual cell that determines the health of the individual.

Cellular dysfunction is the center of every illness and disease.

Except for traumatic injury or genetic predisposition, all cells are susceptible only to toxins and/or stress.

When cells do not have to combat toxins to survive, they thrive. Your dog will thrive. 

Our organic, air dried dog food is the best way to spoil your dog and help ensure your best buddy shares a long healthy life with you.


Our dog food and dog treats are handmade with unadulterated and organic human-grade ingredients. They are air dried / dehydrated and contain zero additives. 


All of our ingredients are from sustainable and humane farmers and ranchers. Our products grown without GMO's or harmful chemicals.


by hand in our own custom built restaurant quality facility. USDA registered, FDA licensed and sold in eco-friendly packaging.  


We made the list of "MOST TRUSTED DOG FOOD 2021" by Truth About Pet Food. 

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