After a long wait, we are starting to have product available! Same great formula with high quality organic ingredients.

Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Harper's Allergies

Harper - no more allergies - dogs for the earth

7 year old Cairn Terrier, Harper, with tons of allergies. 

Harper has several food allergies that can’t be eliminated but your food is one of the most friendly to pets with food allergies as it doesn’t contain alfalfa, corn, peas, potatoes- all the typical fillers. So Harp eats free of allergens while still receiving a diverse list of organic nutrients!

 I have tried making food, buying, I have literally spent hours and hours researching all kinds of dog food and nothing comes close to your product in terms of reducing allergens but still maintaining nutritional benefits. Yours is simply the best out there!! Absolutely no question about it.  THANK YOU!

We hope your company continues to grow and plan to by customers for a long time.

Absolutely LOVE what you are doing with this dog food. It is one of a kind incredible and just so happy to have found it for my Harper. E.Snyder  Scottsdale, AZ

Hi! I know that I have written to you before about how happy we are with your company. Harper has been eating the Chicken food since about August and since that time has really trimmed up.

We had a vet appointment yesterday for a checkup and our vet said his weight is now at “supermodel status!!” Thought that was so cute and just had to share because it is all thanks to Dogs For The Earth! 

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