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Teddy Bear Wants More

Teddy Bear Loves Dogs For The Earth Food review

My Yorkie, Teddy Bear LOVES your food!

I have started noticing his hair, which I keep long is shinier and softer than before and it was already beautiful!

Plus I’m starting to see an improvement in his weeping eyes which ultimately will help his tear stains!

For the past three mornings Teddy has started waking me up at 5:00 wanting out of bed and refusing to take NO for an answer! He then leads me into the kitchen and stands in front of his bowl! He looks at the bowl then at me ASKING me to prepare his new food!

He will be 2 years old in January and in the past he would eat a little here and there throughout the day and usually carry the pieces of Z*** P*** Ir Dried Beef off and eat one at a time very sparingly.

There have been times when I have even had to sit on the floor next to the bowl and hand feed him!

Now he doesn’t leave his bowl until all the food is gone and then waits for me to wipe the bowl clean with my finger and feed him what he missed!

Unfortunately this new behavior has caused me to worry that I am going to run out of food before my order arrives! I know your chef makes the batches fresh.

Is there any way for me to expedite my order and also pay for faster shipping? Anything you can do to help will be much appreciated!

Thank you for making this “magical” dog food! It is worth every cent! 

P.W. Jupiter, FL.

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