After a long wait, we are starting to have product available! Same great formula with high quality organic ingredients.

Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Understanding the importance of Organic Food - Apples

earth day - trees for the future - dogs for the earth

Organic ingredients:  Food produced without synthetic chemicals or fertilizers, genetic engineering, radiation or sewage sludge.   

Pesticides are TOXIC by design. Created specifically to kill. Unfortunately, and obviously, these chemicals are not selective: insects, fungi, plants and people are at risk.  Anything that gets in their path is subject to their destruction. 


47 Pesticide Residues Found by the USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture) Pesticide Data Program
Human Health Effects
6 – Known or Probable Carcinogens
16 – Suspected Hormone Disruptors
5 – Neurotoxins
6 – Developmental or Reproductive Toxins 
Environmental Effects:
11 – Honeybee Toxins
Planet Earth Effect
Infecting innocent lives: fish, birds, wildlife, and humans!
Disrupting the purity of life.
One apple, times a lifetime of eating. Times multiples of other foods - and TOXINS - known poisons. It doesn't take much consideration to know in our hearts we need to AVOID any food that is not organic.
When you demand ORGANIC food for yourself and ORGANIC Dog Food and treats you demand a better planet, too.
LOGIC tells us to be safe. Be careful. Simply, go organic!
Be a Force For Nature and you'll get a FREE bag of Treats.
For EVERY $Dollar you spend we DONATE to TREES FOR THE FUTURE. One
Special thanks to What's On My Food? You can find about more about what's on your Conventional Apple, here.
100% Organic Dehydrated Dog Food and Treats made with human-grade ingredients in a recipe created for dogs optimum nutrition and antioxidants.  
Organic Dog Food doesn't get better than this!
Sorry! Our Earth Day Promotion has ended.

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