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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Tough talk about Popeye's Power - SPINACH

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Organic food is the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle.

Spinach has more pesticide residues by weight than all other produce tested by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) with ¾ of the samples tested contaminated with a neurotoxic bug killer that is banned from use on food crops in Europe.

75% of samples tested by the USDA tested positive for permethrin, a neurotoxic insecticide.  At high doses, permethrin overwhelms the nervous system and causes tremors and seizures.


54 Pesticide residues Found by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Pesticide Data Program

Human Health Effect

7 -  Known or Probable Carcinogens

21 – Suspected Hormone Disruptors

11 – Neurotoxins

7 – Developmental or Reproductive Toxins

Environmental Effects

20 – Honeybee Toxins

Planet Earth Effect


Infecting innocent lives: fish, birds, wildlife, and humans!

Disrupting the purity of life.

ADHD has been linked to lower level exposure in children.

One serving of spinach, times a lifetime of eating. Times multiples of other foods - and TOXINS - known poisons. It doesn't take much consideration to know in our hearts we need to AVOID any food that is not organic.
When you demand ORGANIC food for yourself and ORGANIC Dog Food and Treats you demand a better planet, too.
LOGIC tells us to be safe. Be careful. Simply, go organic!
Special thanks to What's On My Food? You can find about more about what's on your Conventional Spinach, here.
100% Organic Dehydrated Dog Food and Treats made with human-grade ingredients in a recipe created for dogs optimum nutrition and antioxidants.  
Organic Dog Food doesn't get better than this!
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