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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Test Your Dog Food Ingredients ... real food or not?

 Fill your dog with the Sunshine and Happiness of 100% Organic Air-Dried Dog Food.

There’s a lot of confusion and controversy about dog food ingredients lately.

We believe dog food ingredients shouldn’t require chemical knowledge.

You shouldn’t have to be familiar with industrial terminology or manufacturing jargon to figure out what is in your dog food.

Test your dog food ingredients.

How many ingredients are REAL food?
How many ingredients are not real food?

Here is your simple test:

Read your dog’s food ingredients, make sure every single word looks like real food you could buy in a grocery store – because if it doesn’t look like real food – it isn’t.

That's it!  If it's not real food - don't give it to the love of your life, faithful companion, best buddy ever! Sounds too simple, doesn't it?  Maybe that's because you are caught up in industrial jargon....??

Keeping your dog’s food toxic free is one of the most important things you can do for your dog’s health.

Otherwise your dog uses vital energy and stamina fighting off toxins in their food and the damage they cause to their body, rather than building cells adding vitality.

We wish we didn’t have to mention this….

What has been acceptable, as healthy food for decades, has recently come under fire. Scientists all over the world have proven the toxic side effects of processed food and artificial food substitutes.  Many educated consumers have recently and dramatically changed their eating habits. 

But what about our dogs? These very same reports apply to common ingredients used in most dog foods today.

Yet, for every report about a negative side effect of an ingredient, there is another scientific report, sponsored by the dog food industry, or synthetic vitamin agents, or chemical producers, that states there is no need to worry. But the simple facts remain - if it is not real food that you can purchase in the grocery store - it isn't real food.

Kibble, once considered the wholesome dog food, is now condemned by scientific studies.  Studies that reveal the process of creating kibble creates carcinogens.  Makes sense, considering over 50% of USA dogs will receive treatment for cancer in their lifetime. Studies about actual nutritious value and quality of ingredients have proven the high temperatures and manufacturing techniques destroy the nutritious value of the processed product.

Yet kibble remains the most common form of dog food.

Added synthetic vitamins and minerals, chemical preservatives, artificial dyes and biochemical food blends are still common place in dog foods.  But thanks to the internet, the average consumer knows about the health dangers and toxic side effects.  Most people are aware that the toxins build up over time, resulting in common dog ailments like kidney failure, liver damage, digestive complications, allergy symptoms like itchy skin and tear stains and yeast imbalances.

We’ve all learned to do our own research. 

The industry has created so much confusion, it has driven family providers to extremes.  

Some, desperate to ensure healthy dog food, cook for their dogs; yet fear nutritional values may be off. 
Others, try raw diets. But many dogs don't do well on raw meat and most people are not comfortable with the risk of contamination involved. 
While many, prefer to bury their heads in the big pile of controversy and stay steady on the same kibble track.

Each method has its own logical argument for those who choose it. But each method also comes with controversy and confusion. We believe feeding our family dogs should not be so difficult.

What’s the answer to the confusion and controversy over dog food?
3 Simple Steps.
1.  Avoid ALL questionable ingredients and feed your dog only real food.
2. Choose 100% Organic. If it's not 100% Organic, it's not really organic.
3. Choose unprocessed – air dried, dehydrated.
Feeding your dog healthy dog food doesn't have to be complicated.

That’s why we’re here. Waving our white flag of hope for all dogs.


Every ingredient in Dogs For The Earth is Sun Drenched and Mother Earth fed. 

Our recipe is 100% Organic, Real Food in a recipe created to provide remarkable health benefits for dogs.
No questionable ingredients, no industrial jargon, no controversy and no confusion.

100% Organic. That means the entire food chain is organic.  (Everything eaten, by what your dog will eat, was organic.)  Every single ingredient is safe from the confusion and controversy of pesticides, fungicides, growth hormones, GMO’s and antibiotics. None were used near our food. No confusion, no controversy.

Our recipe is made from 100% Organic Human Quality Ingredients.  By Human Quality we mean real food made for human consumption. USDA Approved, FDA Regulated, provided by USA Organic Ranchers and Farmers who use sustainable and ethical practices.  No confusion, no controversy.

Our recipe is 75% Organic Meat. Real muscle meat. No bulk filler or empty additives. No meat meal or by-products or questionable contents. Nothing but 100% Organic, pastured raised on sustainable farms by ethical farmers and ranchers meat. No confusion, no controversy.

Our recipe is 25% Organic Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs. Fresh antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. No sprayed on synthetic vitamins or chemical compounds to supply nutrition. No confusion, no controversy.


Our recipe is air-dried, dehydrated. Zero processing, Zero toxic by-products. Safe and long lasting, natural food preservation without the loss of nutritious and enzymatic quality. No confusion, No controversy.

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Our recipe is packaged in recyclable packaging with labels printed on 50% post-consumer paper, printed with vegetable dyes. Because all of us have a duty to take care of our planet.

What’s the answer to the confusion and controversy over dog food?
3 Simple Steps.
1.  Avoid ALL questionable ingredients and feed your dog real food.
2. Choose 100% Organic. If it's not 100% Organic, it's not really organic.
3. Choose unprocessed – air dried, dehydrated.

That’s why we’re here. Waving our white flag of hope for all dogs.

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