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Holistic & Integrative Wellness Care

 Dog Lovers

Loving our dogs is something all of us have in common.
Dog Lovers will do anything for our dogs!
We hear why all the time:
…the love of my life, my heart and soul, my best buddy!
We get it!  
We're all wrapped up and deeply in love with Tiffy, too!


But sometimes all the love in the world isn't enough.

That's when Holistic & Integrative Wellness Care can be a great choice!

When you choose to trust a Holistic and Integrative Veterinarian with The Love Of Your Life, you provide optimum healing conditions.

Holistic thinking is centered on love, empathy & respect.

Your pet is coveted with gentle methods which incorporate patient wellbeing, lifestyle & stress reduction with the benefit of integrating superior healing techniques found around the world.

 When it comes to Total Wellness Care for your dog, nothing can replace the approach of a well-rounded wellness Doctor.

Meet Dr. Paula Medler

Over three decades of training, experience and expertise in conventional and holistic veterinary medicine and denistry. Her Animal Healing and Wellness Clinic is in Tucson, Arizona.

 Dr. Medler is trained in multiple modalities of both Western and Eastern Medicines and Dentistry. Her expertise includes Medical QiGong, animal chiropractic, medicinal Chinese herbs, acupuncture (needles, lasers, injections), stem cell & ozone therapy, rehabilitation therapy. She has a FULL SERVICE Veterinary Hospital and provides hospice care for pets.

With her in-depth, multicultural training, Dr. Medler can evaluate a dog’s condition on many levels. Blood work and urine testing are the windows to a dog’s health. Finding a Vet, such as Dr. Medler, who has intimate knowledge of the complex interrelationship of test results is invaluable.

Dr. Medler’s approach is to prevent and heal.  Talking to the dog and owner, touching the dog and taking time to understand lifestyles, environments and individualities is an important aspect of her diagnosis.

She minimizes the usage of vaccines by taking into consideration the age of the animal, their environment, vaccine history and titers, to determine the best vaccination plan for each individual animal.

If you are lucky enough to live in the Tucson, AZ area, do you and your dog a favor and get to know Dr. Medler.  Drop her an email or give her office a call. Don’t wait for an emergency to creep into your life.  

If you are many, many hours away (otherwise, it’s worth the drive or flight!) check around for a vet who is aware of holistic & integrative practices. 

Find a Wellness Clinic that understands nutritional requirements, healing and preventative practices. Find a Dr. who knows the intricacies of reading a blood panel. 

All that spells pure love for your dog. 

We work with Holistic and Integrative Veterinarians and they all agree.

The finest nutritional food you can provide is 100% Organic: Free from chemicals and synthetics. Dehydrated, organic ingredients have zero toxic residue from processing and retain valuable nutritional and enzymatic qualities. 

The high cost of cheaper ingredients is not a price we’re willing to pay with our dog. The rampant rise of food related health complications is undeniable.  Your dog need you to be  vigilant and aware and provide chemical & toxin free food.

Here’s the point: look at the ingredients in your dog’s food. If you see ANYTHING you couldn’t go buy in a grocery store, you can be sure it’s not real food. Ever wonder why all those synthetic, chemical vitamins are listed at the end of dog food?  Because the quality of the ingredients do not provide nutritional value. 

Life with dogs doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Take the industrial jargon away from your dog. Remove all controversial ingredients from their food.

Provide Holistic & Integrative Wellness Care

Live simply, love wholly and enjoy the freedom and confidence of knowing you and your dog have a great future together.

Dr. Paula Medler - Animal Healing and Wellness Clinic
4727 N. 1st Avenue
Tucson, AZ
Dr. Paula Medler Website


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