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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Dogs For The Earth Organic Love

Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Dog Food family dig

Dogs are amazing! They fill our hearts with love and joy. They snuggle on the sofa, jog in the park and shop the farmers market.

They don't care where they go as long as it is with you. Their whole existence is to give you love. To embrace your energy and share your emotions.

And we are their life source. Their entire being depends on us to nourish and nurture them. They rely on our choices for them and knowing what to do can be challenging. In a world filled with the power of advertising and the money behind it, sometimes it's difficult to know they hype from the fact.

You can count on us. We are a different kind of dog food company. We are not part of the dog food industry, so you won't find any food jargon in our ingredients. We make dog food with actual people quality food, just like you would, except ours is a recipe that satisfies a dogs nutritional needs. It's also 100% - yes, that's right, 100% Organic.

Why? Because, for us, dogs are family. Our little Tiffy is loved and cherished, she deserves to eat well and feel her best for a long healthy life. We are not taking any chances or compromising her life in any way. No, we're not the cheapest, no we're not in the supermarket, no, you can't buy a 50lb bag and use it for the next 3 months. No, we are not a kibble. Did you know that the process of making kibble causes carcinogens? We are fresh,100% Organic, People Quality food, slowly air dried and shipped all over the country direct to your house.

We're an exception, but not a luxury.

We're fine quality but not only for special occasions.

We are Ethical, Sustainable, Nutritious, Organic, Dehydrated dog food and treats. A Woman Owned and USDA Licensed, FDA Registered Company.

We are for the discerning. For those who love their dogs deeply and recognize they are responsible for their life source.

We are not for everyone but we hope we are for you.

P.S. Your dog hope so, too! 

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