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A Valentine Love Story

Do we all kiss and cuddle our dogs?

We love to kiss that soft spot on the back of Tiffy's ears right where they meet the top of her head. Her hair is so soft and ears so cute and, well, kissable!  Just looking at her makes us happy. It might be because our mere presence is all she seemingly needs out of life and it's pretty awesome to be loved so much! But it's also because she's just so darn cute!

We think she's brilliant. We tried to count how many words she understands but got sidetracked when we got to the word "hungry" because, actually, food trumps everything in her little 5 pound life.

As soon as we said "Hungry" she started her antics.


She snorts and does this thing we call "kickbacks" that looks like an angry bull getting ready to charge. It's hilarious because she's so tiny yet completely determined.

Then she does what we call doga (which she'll often do when requested) where she stretches her 2 front paws forward while simultaneously pushing her butt up in the air. 

After that, inevitably, the grumbling begins and if you are still pretending you have no idea what she wants- she will start shouting at you. 

She's been eating our food exclusively for years,ever since we were a non profit and Kathy used her recipe to quickly rehabilitate undernourished, rescued dogs. The demand for our food grew so much, we soon realized we could do more for dogs in need by selling the food, rather than operating with our own money.

Tiffy actually was one of those rescues and she has filled our lives with so much joy and laughter. Like the saying goes, she rescued us!  She really is a best friend who agrees to do anything we want, an energy healer who always knows when someone isn't feeling so hot, a jokester and comedian who will do anything for a laugh and a crazy, wild rascal with the will power and tenacity of 1000 dragons. She's a Yorkie, alright! Her energy is so strong ...sometimes we forget how tiny she is! She's only knee-high to a strawberry!

We all love our dogs and want them to be healthy and happy. That's our goal, with our food. It's completely pure and perfectly balanced. Because we want to keep little Tiffy's eyes bright and heart strong. We want her immune system kicking and antioxidants fighting free radicals. Like you, we want our little love bug to have the best life source possible. 

So while we haven't quite finished counting how many words and phrases she understands, we're standing in the kitchen about to put her dinner down for her and as we do, she starts spinning in circles. We call that "spinderella" and that's another word she knows.

If you've got a thing for your dog like we have and you recognize you are responsible for providing their life source, we can help. Skip all the industrial jargon the dog food industry created for sub-quality ingredients, skip the processed kibble, the additives, the rubbish that does more harm than good. Feed your dog 100% Organic, Dehydrated, People Quality ingredients. Feed your dog our recipe for optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants, then sit back and relax and cuddle your best friend. Aw, go on, kiss that soft spot behind the ear, you know you want to...

And here's that list of words: I love you (she responds with a kiss) Do you want a massage? Do you want a blanket? She knows the rooms of the house so we can say: She's in the kitchen. or Look in the zen room... and she knows where to go, She knows: are you hungry?, do you have to go potty?, do you want to go for a walk, do you want a raspberry, blueberry, pineapple, broccoli, carrot, spinach (she says no to spinach) Do you want elk or lamb? How about some Turducken? (It's her favorite ) Want some pumpkin pie? (it's really chicken & pumpkin treats but it sounds more fun) Do you want to watch TV?, Do you want a bath? (She always says no.) How about a hair brushing? (Loves it!)  You are so beautiful. You are so funny. ( means she'll do it again and again if you keep laughing and again until you stop laughing) Go smell your roses. Bring me frosty. ( her all time favorite toy. We are on the 3rd generation) Bring me a toy ( it's always frosty) Are you cold? Do you want your jommies on? Do you need a sweater? Wait. Wait 5 minutes. It's ready. It's not ready yet. Kathy is coming. Recently, because of her injury she has learned: No jumping.  Have a little rest. Also because of her injury she's learned: Maybe a treat will help?  It's time for another snack. and That's a no go zone. Of course she knows the basics like, Come. Sit. Quite. Although she's a Yorkie so quiet is not something she is often and definitely not a command she acknowledges. 

She has many more words and phrases but we'll save them for another time, right now, it's time for her walk and if we say, "5 more minutes."  one more time, she's likely to start doing kick-backs!

Happy Valentine from our true love to yours,

Love, The Crew at Dogs For The Earth

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