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Dogs For The Earth food is super palatable and nutritious!

Posted on April 24, 2017

Westbridge Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Pat Campbell testimonial - dogs for the earth - reviews

Dr. Pat Campbell and "Right Arm" Beata by the Westbridge Veterinary Mobile Clinic

"We all know that we are what we eat, of course, the same can be said about our dogs.

Fortunately, Dogs For The Earth makes wonderful dehydrated dog foods so we can feed our dogs clean, healthful meals.

The foods are made with organic vegetables and humanely raised meats that also meet AAFCO standards.

These foods asre super palatable and nutritious!"

My dogs love the Cha Cha Chicken Salad! 

Dr. Pat Campbell is both holistic and conventional making her a dynamic, reliable & thorough veterinarian.  You can contact her via her Website:

Westbridge Veterinarian Clinic

Or call: 941-920-4010

Or Email Dr. Pat:

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