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Cuteness Alert - My dog's itchy skin is better!

Here is a photo of my family dog Bella and she wanted to tell you .....

Bella - itchy skin no more with dogs for the earth - organic dehydrated dog food

Kathy, Tiffy and Dogs for the Earth have helped me so much through the past year!Since starting my new food, I've stopped itching, controlled my weight, and have way more energy than ever before! Thank you guys! Xo, Bella 

Your food means so much to Bella living a healthy life. We have seen such amazing changes with Bella on this food. 

Before, It was quite the roller-coaster with Bella itching a lot and being overweight. We are able to maintain her weight now and she has so much energy! She loves the food so much. 

You guys went above and beyond during her transition, which was quite tough for her. Never have we encountered a company that truly cared so much. It was more than customer service. You guys truly cared about our dog, and Bella is the world to us. You went above and beyond for us and we are so grateful. So thank you so much again. 

 Mile D. and Amanda S. for Bella

A message From The Crew:

When Mike first ordered our food he added this comment: "Our dog Bella really itches and we hope this food helps."  We replied to his note with a series of important questions and forwarded his answers to our Nutritionist/Owner Kathy.  From there began a dedication on their part to fully re-set little Bells's system.  Some dog's have more serious issues than others and Bella had her fair share.  

We shudder every time we think about innocent people, believing they are feeding their dog the right food - when in fact it contains ingredients that often do more harm than good.  Bella is lucky to have Mike and Amanda who cared enough to keep looking for a solution and then to stick with it for the eventual outcome.  

Look at her - at last! A Healthy, Happy Bella!

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