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The Maze of Finding The Best Organic Dog Food

Posted on March 09, 2017

How to find the best dog food - dogs for the earth - organic dog food

Choosing dog food can feel like being lost in a maze. ( Why some dog food is like a phone booth.)

There was a time when dog food choice was very limited. As well, our knowledge of what dogs need for good health was equally limited. Many of us just grabbed a bag of kibble at the grocery store and most of us got our information about dog food from Commercials! (In the olden days!)Kibble is old fashioned

That was then.  Before modern nutritional science. And thank goodness, because now not only do we know what dogs need, now, we also know what they don't need.

Then why all the confusion?

The dog food industry is huge.  It's a multi-billion dollar business with huge payrolls, massive distribution channels and major expenses.

Now we have bloggers with opinions, dog food advisors, information sites paid for by the industry, some veterinarians who receive dog food kick-backs & little nutritional training, dog food forums where anyone can write anything  and clever advertisers all vying for your attention.

And we have you. Dog lovers who are looking for an answer to trust. Dog Lovers who simply want the best dog food.

Everyone's opinion is different.

But who's right?

What is the best dog food?

Let's start with the basic understanding that for a dog food to be good, it must provide what a dog needs ..... and that is where so many opinions differ. 

That's why science is important.

Science provides facts that opinions can't sway.

The fact is all dogs need Nutrition.

How much of exactly what a dog needs has become confusing advertising and industrial jargon.

This is why. 

You simply can not have good nutrition without healthy ingredients.

Long before the best nutrition for dogs was determined - the dog food industry had a history of using food scraps.

Actually food that has been condemned as unfit for people. Meaning, food we’d throw away: Literally, garbage(like dying, diseased, disabled or deceased animals).


To compensate for the nutritional value of the ingredients and unhealthy processing, the dog food industry required inexpensive additives, synthetic vitamins, minerals and chemical preservatives. 






the best food ingredients avoid

New words were coined, by-products and food garbage renamed, technical chemical terms added to ingredients and while the dog food industry reinvented ingredients with new shapes through heat extraction - the same old stuff has reappeared looking new - over and over. 

Do you know: what chicken-meal is? Chicken by-products are? Manufacturers can call chicken beaks, chicken feet, even chicken feathers "chicken" as an ingredient? That's why "People Quality" is  important!

There is no point in continuing a discussion about a bag or can of food that does not use healthy ingredients because no matter what additives or processing is done to the ingredients, they never become healthy nutrition. They come with health hazards and THAT is why the best dog food is pure, clean and organic. 

Of course we're going to recommend our food but before we do let's talk about other choices, because we sincerely believe an informed consumer is our best client.

History is littered with good intending products

Fashion, lifestyle, health standards and knowledge change our opinions and products come and go. We evolve. We learn. We progress.

Cigarette holders, Petticoats, Phone booths, Paper maps in gas stations, 411 directory assistance are once popular items, now rarely used.

Considering old fashioned kibble and canned dog food is like considering which phone booth to use.

obsolete kibble obsolete phone booth

We could establish guidelines: comfort, safety, ease of access for instance. We could set up a panel of experts and delve deeper and rate: style, performance and user friendliness. A phone booth with a comfortable seat, good lighting and a phone with a comfortable grip would have more stars than, say, one with standing room only on the corner on a busy street.

 All that information wouldn't change the fact that the phone booth is obsolete. It doesn't matter which one is 5 Star and which one has 1 star because, now, there is a better, modern, more appropriate choice.

 And that's how it is with kibble and canned dog food - they are obsolete.. 5 stars or 1 star they are old fashioned, obsolete choices.


There are new, better and healthier ways to feed your dog now.

Real food, dehydrated - not processed, quality ingredients!

That's why we say the educated consumer is our best customer. To truly understand and see thru all the industrial jargon out there about dog food is not easy. 

Understanding what a dog needs in not complicated.

The best dog food has pure, clean organic ingredients combined in a recipe to provide optimum nutrition and antioxidants.

It is that simple. Leave the industrial jargon behind.

Compare labels. Compare ingredients. Is it 100% Organic? Is it Dehydrated - without processing? Is it made in the USA? Do you see industrial jargon like additives and chemicals under the guise of vitamins? Are synthetic supplements being used to boost the value of poor bulk ingredients?  Could you purchase every single ingredient at the farmers market?  
Every single ingredient in our food is real food and could be purchased by you at a farmers market. For instance, this is what is in our Beggin' For Beef Organic Dehydrated Dog Food

Organic people quality beef from White Oak Farms, organic spinach, organic green beans, organic broccoli, organic pumpkin, organic carrots, organic squash, organic blueberries, organic bananas, organic apples, organic celery, organic ground flax, organic chia seeds, organic kelp powder and organic parsley.

Notice: no chemicals, no synthetic vitamins, no additives, no preservatives, nothing harmful, no industrial jargon hiding poor quality ingredients.

When you provide food, real food for your dog, with optimum nutrition and antioxidants, you will see the difference and your dog will feel a difference! 
You can do this and you'll be glad you did.


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