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Natural Flea Control for Flea Problems in your home starts with Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

Natural Flea Control for Flea Problems in your home starts with vacuum - beagle jumping away from a vacuum

Vacuuming all the areas of your house your pet has access to is the best and safest way to control fleas in your home and it’s a virtual necessity for removing fleas in various growth stages so they don’t reach adulthood. 

How do you get rid of fleas the natural way? You should vacuum carpet, rugs, bare floors, furniture, pillows, your pet’s bedding and even your own if your pet sleeps with you. 

Break out the crevice tool or other attachment and vacuum along the baseboards and around corners and the edges of furniture. You’ll also need to get to hard-to-reach and dark places like under furniture and beds, and in closets. 

Natural flea control is effective if you are aware of your enemy.  Organic flea treatment must include removing the threat of fleas from your home. Dispose of the contents of your vacuum immediately, away from your house.

If possible designate one sleeping area for your pet, preferably an area that will be convenient to clean. Flea accumulations are often in pet sleeping spaces, so if you can limit your dog or cat to one area, it should make things a bit easier for you. Flea problems should be contained.

Pet bedding should be vacuumed daily if possible, and removed and washed frequently during a flea infestation. This helps eliminate flea problems with natural control.

Use Diatomaceous Earth to kill fleas naturally and organically, but be careful not to overdo it, as it has been known to clog vacuum cleaner filters. Also try our organic  Barkin' Mad at Fleas shampoo, and the Don't Bite Me Spritzer, made with organic essential oils to help keep those pests of your pooch!

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