After a long wait, we are starting to have product available! Same great formula with high quality organic ingredients.

Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

AutoShip Subscriptions Terms and Conditions

AutoShip Subscription: a self-serve computer program that remembers to place an order for you.


You decide: What, When & Where.

What Items to Order
When To Place The Order And The Frequency of Youir Orders
Where To Ship The Order
AutoShip Subscription is a BRILLIANT Program and a GREAT DEAL!-  it places the orders for you.and gives you a 10% discount!!

You can make changes to your AutoShip Subscription anytime by logging into your account, up to 12 hours before your order is scheduled to generate. Otherwise the change may not be reflected in the next order.


When you make a change to your AutoShip Subscription, it will not alter orders already charged to your card and in progress. AutoShip computer system can not change orders already charged to your card.
Orders already charged to your credit card, in progress in the Kitchen with our Chefs will not be changed by using your Subscription Management Pages. Orders charged to your card and in progress can not be changed.



Orders ship in approximately 2 BUSINESS DAYS.
The transportation industry may have delays which we can not control. Any delays are random and unpredictable and we remain committed, as always, to ensuring your furry family always has food.
We ask for your kind consideration and keep in touch with our office if you have an issue. +52 333170 3274


If you choose to cancel your AutoShip Subscription, it cancels all future orders.  
You don't have to worry, orders already charged to your credit card and in progress in the kitchen with our chefs or orders already in the shipping department ready to ship, will be sent to you as scheduled. ( Subscription Cancellations received outside of normal Office/Business hours Monday-Friday 9AM - 5PM, will be processed on the first available business day but cannot cancel orders already charged to your card.)

If you choose to cancel an AutoShip Order after it has been charged to your card, you may do so within the first 24 hours only. There will be a cancellation fee of $15 or 20% whichever is higher. You MUST email our Customer Service Department: thecrew@dogsfortheearth and request the specific order number be cancelled. Order Cancellations received outside of normal Office/Business hours Monday-Friday 9AM - 5PM must be received within 24 hours of being charged to your card.)
If you choose to cancel an AutoShip Order after you receive a tracking number, your order is already at the post office and we can no longer accept cancellations or returns.
At any time, please contact us about your orders.
We are here to help and ensure your orders are exactly what you need.
Call: +52 333 170 3274
Normal Office/Business hours are Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM
It is an honor feeding your family!


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