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My First Online Review Ever - Organic Dog Food For Itchy Skin

Posted on July 30, 2016

I NEVER write reviews but this time I have to.
Our dog Mikey is a multipoo. Like other reviewers Mikey had that itchy skin problem
And like others was on a special vet kibble. Honestly, we thought we were doing everything right for him.
Shots, food, creams - seriously, we were spending a lot ALOT in vet bills!
Our son-in-law convinced us to try this food by buying 4 bags of it for Mikey. So we felt obligated to try -otherwise we never would have changed from our kibble.
Mikey is like a new, younger, happy version of what he used to be.....
I called customer service & left a message and a nutritionist returned my call. When I hung up I realize the most obvious of all things I never knew. My dogs health depends on proper nutrition and that means fresh quality ingredients.
Somehow, I just didn't consider my dogs heart & liver & kidneys and skin & hair like my living beings....
Now it is simple. Organic, human food - obviously - is the right choice for dogs!

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