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I'm so glad I found you!

Posted on June 17, 2015

I met you in April when we were on vacation in Anna Maria. I had a Pom named Toby and couldn't get him to eat. 

The samples you so kindly gave me worked wonders. 

Your food basically allowed us to keep him alive for another 3 weeks because it brought back his appetite.
I'm sad to tell you that I had to put him down last month, just short of his 18th birthday.  He was a wonderful little guy and I miss him terribly, but he had a good long life and I'm grateful we had him for such a long time. My remaining dog is a toy poodle named Jazz and she loves your dehydrated food (I bought some before we left town) - I give her a little piece once or twice a day as a treat. 

I'm very grateful for what you did for Toby and I think you're wonderful for doing what you do!
I'm so glad I found you!   


I'm so glad I found you!

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