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I Love My Dogs and I Love You Guys For Making A Difference

Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Dog Food Review Yorkies


I am so thankful to You for making this food for our dogs and for being there for us! Dior is really doing much better. Now it's 2 weeks on your food and we have:
- completely clear and clean eyes (not running, no stains),
- good appetite (that I haven't seen for a long time, until on your food),
- I don't remember the last time I saw her itching or biting herself, it's all gone :)
- the hair already looks much healthier, more silky and the bald spots (she was biting herself due to itching so much that got bald spots) got covered with new hair very quickly.
I couldn't be happier and same is my Dior. And really feel very happy every time I prepare the food for my Yorkies because I know that now they are getting healthy meals! I love my dogs and I love you guys for making a difference in their lives. Natalia P. Miami, FL

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