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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

I finally found Dogs For The Earth!

 ..." I finally found Dogs For The Earth!

  The ingredients list had me very excited.  It was all 100% organic  - something I could not find previously in a dehydrated food.  Then I had a few email exchanges with Kathy, owner of the company, and I was sold.  She knows her stuff and really prides herself on formulating the best of the best for our fur kids.  So, I ordered some.  Oh my, my dogs went crazy.  They LOVE IT!  There really is a difference between this food and any other on the market.  It is FRESH!  In fact, a shipment arrived in the mail today and my dogs knew it right away.  They could “smell the aroma” of their favorite food.  I am a proud dog mom knowing that my dogs get the best nourishment possible.  Not only are they family, they are also high-level agility athletes and they need lots of nutrition. I feel happy knowing they are getting the best food in the world with Dogs For The Earth."

Marla Cooper, MA CPDT-KSA CTDI
AKC Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer
Supporting Member IAABCW
Professional member APDT
Dogs: Sage, Spritz, Synergy, Samba and Splash!

I Finally Found Dogs For The Earth

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