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Baby, the most faithful companion ever known, loves Dogs For the Earth

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Hello!  I just wanted to take the time out to say THANK YOU!  I am absolutely delighted with your Dog Food...I've been slowly adding it to my Sheltie's Food and "Baby" loves it.  Your business and approach to feeding Canines is right on target...I've done considerable nutrition research and what I found disgusted me beyond belief.  There is NO doubt that the chow "big dog food companies" deceitfully push as "safe & nutritious" on the American Public to feed their pets is HAZARDOUS and linked to cancer!!!  There's also little doubt that its laced with GMOs directly linked to tumors, as seen in laboratory rats!  So, I applaud your efforts, beliefs, passion and savvy!  

 I was actually so impressed with your food and the way it was presented (cool cartoons & info) that I dropped off the bag and a sample with my local Veterinarian.  I think your Organic Recipe will skyrocket once the word gets out!  

 As a Retired, Female Veteran who spent 21 years serving our Great Country, I also applaud the Woman behind this awesome idea!!!  You Rock!!!  

 This is a picture of my "Baby"...she is the most faithful companion I've ever known (next to Jesus) and the absolute light of my life!   Baby was one of five in the litter...naturally they were all adorable and it was difficult to decide which one I'd keep...I had a dream one night that one of the puppies would have a blue eye...a bit rare for Shelties...imagine my amazement when the puppies opened their eyes!   Call it a wild stroke of Irish Luck or a Divine Blessing...she is undoubtedly the BEST friend I could've asked for.

I wish you all the success & happiness you strive for!  Have an Awesome Day! 

Alijah & Baby   


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