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Turducken & Cranberries Limited Edition Organic Dehydrated Treats
Made in USA
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Turducken & Cranberries Limited Edition Organic Dehydrated Treats

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Our most popular, spectacular limited edition treat!

Turducken & Cranberries Limited Edition Holiday Treats

Ultimate Holiday taste! 100% organic TURKEY, DUCK & CHICKEN mixed with tender juicy CRANBERRIES

There will be noticeable differences between biscuits. This is a good thing!  No processing or alteration of ingredients takes place so the inherent natural qualities will show thru in our finished products.  For example, one cranberry may be more red than another, or more juicy than others. 

So don't worry if our products seem to vary sometimes in color or texture - its a good thing!
Your Order is Made FRESH everyday.

Made in USA A Woman Owned, USDA Licensed Company.

Add small amounts to their food for a few days

Like having Thanksgiving and Holiday meals in a 100% Organic Dehydrated Treat.  Get a dozen bags and hand them out  to all your favorite dogs!  Now let's see, there's your dog (deserves more :)  your neighbors’ dogs, your brother's dogs, your auntie's dogs, and of course your BFF's dogs, there are rescue dogs, foster dogs, animal shelter dogs, oh and that lady on the corner who always walks her dogs when you do would love a bag of treats, almost forgot your mother's dog, Oh, and the dogs from the park and what about that guy at the gas station who brings his dog to work...


Turducken & Cranberries

organic turkey, organic duck, organic chicken mixed with tender juicy organic CRANBERRIES



Remember, they are dehydrated. A small bite goes a long way - even for big dogs!

You can also use as a food topper .... (in case your poor dog isn't lucky enough to eat our delicious food regularly) Just Crumble. Cover with HOT water. Allow to re-hydrate and sprinkle on food.


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