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Dogs For The uses pure Human Grade Ingredients Provide Optimum Nutrition and Antioxidants

Beef and Blueberries Original Dehydrated Dog Treats

  • Each bag contains 10 Biscuits 

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein (min) 60%, Fat (min) 5%, Fiber (max) 1.5%, Moisture (max) 9%

Ingredients:Organic beef and organic blueberries

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2 ingredients, both organic. Beef is a nutrient-dense red meat that is rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc. Blueberries are a superb antioxidant, anti-aging  nutrient.

  • High in essential amino acids and protein 
  • High in selenium, which acts as a mood elevator for dogs
  • High in vitamins C, B12, B3 and B6 
    Ingredients & Guaranteed Analysis

    Guaranteed Analysis:

    Protein 60%, Fat 5%, Fiber 1.5%, Moisture Max 9%

    Organic beef and organic blueberries.


    Crumble. Add hot (not boiling**) Water. Wait until soft, mushy. or juicy. Serve.
    **(Boiling H2O will kill nutrients & enzymes).
    Large Batches, a whole bag or a few biscuits, can be prepared in advance and refrigerated in a sealed container for up to 4 days.


    We suggest you start by feeding the same quantity as usual and then adjust as necessary.

    These are only suggestions and will vary based on breed, age and if your dog is an athlete or a couch potato. Need more information? Check out our feeding guidelines

    • Up to 10 lbs. ½ cup
    • Up to 30 lbs. 1 cup
    • Up to 50 lbs. 2 cups

    What's In The Biscuit?

    The Main Ingredient In Our Biscuits: Pure Muscle Meat

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