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Go Natural Flea Kit For Dogs
Made in USA
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Go Natural Flea Kit For Dogs

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Go Natural Flea Kit, created for ultimate flea control using safe, organic essential oils, natural powder and shampoo.  Safe for your dog, safe for your home, safe for your yard, safe for the earth!

This Go Natural Kit contains Diatomaceous Earth, Barkin' Mad at Fleas Shampoo, Don't Bite Me Spritzer and a flea comb.

With this kit you'll be able to fight fleas naturally and safely on every level:

Diatomaceous Earth:  use on your pet, on pet's bedding, around the house, on furniture, carpets, hardwood floors, in the garden.  Food grade. Comes with complete instructions. 1 pound bag. Click here if you would like to get this product only.

Barkin' Mad at Fleas Shampoo:  Organic essential oils and natural shampoo work together to safely destroy all the fleas on your dog.  4oz. Highly Concentrated 5:1.  If you would like to get this product only.

Don't Bit Me Spritzer:  Organic essential oils combined to create the ultimate flea retardant.  Smells great to all of us yet repugnant to fleas, mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Spritz a little on Fido before his walk and relax! Spritz on yourself as well! 8oz.  If you would like to get this product only.

Made in USA.

Interesting Literature

Natural Flea Control for Flea Problems in your home starts with Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

Vacuuming all the areas of your house your pet has access to is the best and safest way to control fleas in your home and it’s a virtual necessity for removing fleas in various growth stages so they don’t reach adulthood. 

How do you get rid of fleas the natural way? You should vacuum carpet, rugs, bare floors, furniture, pillows, your pet’s bedding and even your own if your pet sleeps with you. 

Break out the crevice tool or other attachment and vacuum along the baseboards and around corners and the edges of furniture. You’ll also need to get to hard-to-reach and dark places like under furniture and beds, and in closets. 

Natural flea control is effective if you are aware of your enemy.  Organic flea treatment must include removing the threat of fleas from your home. Dispose of the contents of your vacuum immediately, away from your house.

If possible designate one sleeping area for your pet, preferably an area that will be convenient to clean. Flea accumulations are often in pet sleeping spaces, so if you can limit your dog or cat to one area, it should make things a bit easier for you. Flea problems should be contained.

Pet bedding should be vacuumed daily if possible, and removed and washed frequently during a flea infestation. This helps eliminate flea problems with natural control.

Use diatomaceous earth to kill fleas naturally and organically, but be careful not to overdo it, you only need a fine dusting of the talc-like powder.  Too much and you'll need to change / clean your vacuum cleaner filters.

Most effective products available and safe for you, your pet and the environment but LOOK OUT FLEAS!


Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous earth.

Don't Bite Me Spritzer: Organic cloves, organic catnip, organic thyme, organic lemon and organic citronella essential oils, mixed with water and alcohol.

Barkin' Mad At Fleas Shampoo: Organic eucalyptus, organic peppermint and organic neem essential oils.


All products are ready to use, please see each product for extensive instructions.


Diatomaceous Earth: If you're going to apply this to your yard, you should dust the entire area where your dogs play or roam. The same rules apply for using indoors. You can read more about Diatomaceous Earth here

Barkin' Mad at Fleas Shampoo: Cover their whole body with the shampoo. Start at their neck to prevent fleas from running to their head. Leave shampoo on for 10 minutes. Do not allow shampoo to get into your dogs eyes.

Don't Bite Me Spritzer: Always shake the bottle first to ensure the natural oils are well dispersed. Spritz the oils into the palms of your hand - never directly onto your dog. Pat your dogs chest, legs and under belly. Rub lightly over your dogs back and head. The scent of oils smells much stronger to your dog so do not over saturate.



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