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Example Product - Dog Treats
Made in USA
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Example Product - Dog Treats

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  • Each bag contains 10 Biscuits (Net Weight: 2 oz.)

We added a touch of organic rosemary which is high in iron and calcium. 

  • Contains Vitamin B6 nutrients
  • High in Antioxidants
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Great for digestion
Please note: our products may vary in color and texture. That is because our ingredients come from nature, and nature is always unique. Because there is no processing of our dog food, that means that the natural colors of the qualities will show through. For example, one apple may be more red than another, or a carrot might be more orange than the others. (This will be the same for all treats)



Organic chicken breast and organic rosemary.

Preparation & Guidelines


No preparation required, ready to eat.


A little goes a long way with our dehydrated treats! Break off small bites – even for big dogs!

Our dog treats make the perfect food toppers for dogs of all sizes and are a great way for larger dogs to get added nutrition in their diet.


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